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  1. Daviddaman91

    SOTW #9: Anime Girls [Results]

    I like. You have my vote :]
  2. Daviddaman91

    Kratos vs Charizard

    *sigh* Kametsu telling me to post so I shall post here... Kratos would win cause Charizard's arms are too small and his belly too big.. He is too slow in other words
  3. Pffft. You're not even on MSN. >_>

  4. Well I miss talking with you. You've been so busy so I just wanted to ask if you've been alright?:)

  5. Well, this is new. Haha.


  6. Nvm thought you were a chick.. fml

  7. as long its clean and legit

  8. If I do it you will have give me something in return :)

  9. Only if you will done one in return ^_^

  10. can you do me a favor