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  1. I think you might like Buso Renkin. It's available from netflix.
  2. I absolutely love Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars! I play it on my SNES when I'm at home, and emulate it at college.
  3. I don't like the popular shonen animes, especially the Big Three. I tend to be more of a shoujo fan, despite being a male viewer. I find most shonen series to be repetetive, formulaic, and generally sexist. I'd like to see the thoughts of other Kametsu viewers.
  4. Kyonkicchi

    Mkv burning

    I also recommend AVS2DVD, although I just picked it up. I used to use FAVC, but there is no support for newer Vorbis audio tracks, and it hasn't been updated in years.
  5. The idea that marriage should be linked to a certain chronological age is, in my opinion, a bit off. Age and maturity are very different things, and it is maturity that affects our social interactions more heavily, so I would say that maturity should be the qualifier, rather than age. But that begs the question, "how does one measure maturity?" and eventually falls into a jumbled mess of poor and circular reason in attempting to measure an abstract concept. In the end, we can only set an arbitrary age limit (in my opinion, 21) and hope that a person's maturity has kept up with their years.
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