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  1. Resident Evil 2, to date, I've finished 37 times. I just adore the game! Not to mention that Leon A, Leon B, Claire A, Claire B, Tofu and Hulk = one of the best value for money games!
  2. 100% YES to both! Others I'd like to see are: Zone of the Enders 3 Shadow of Memories 2 MegaMan Legend
  3. I just cannot decide on this. Silent Hill has the psychological factor to it, but Resident Evil is traditional in its way with zombies. When it comes down to it I'll pick Resident Evil, but because Resident Evil 2 is one of my all-favorite games! I have to say this though that, IMHO, both series have gone down. i don't even classify RE5 as a Resident Evil game and Silent hill 5 is way too action for its own good.
  4. They won't even do it with FFVII...or maybe they will? SE keeps on saying, "maybe we will" and "maybe we won't". Just make up your minds already! /rant
  5. Mazer


    Thanks and I will! Will do as I appreciate people's hard work.
  6. Kotaku Whoo hoo! (now I need a PS3)
  7. I am around 14 hours in and on disc 2. The game itself is defiantly a bit more dumbed down as there's no real strategy. In fact I've used Auto Battle and not had to think once about changing that "strategy". Maybe it's me, but I feel as though it'll appeal to fans of Final Fantasy X (which isn't me).
  8. Mazer


    Hi all! My name is Mazer and I'm from Southern Africa. And before anyone asks, we don't ride lions to work I found this site a while back from another called Anime-Files.net (what ever happened to it?). Glad to be here! PS kudos on the SeeD reference.
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