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  1. you spending bucks on games. blasphemy.

    1. Nero D. Ace

      Nero D. Ace

      the pirate within me hath been banished!

      hah! as if. nah, just taking the best deals and cashing in on my birthday and Christmas presents.

    2. Shade_13


      oh what, you saying this and the fact Guys' club is gone is not part of some big conspiracy?

  2. veeeery late thanks, Shaz, hope it was great for you

  3. Not really, just checking once in a while

  4. Hey, Raz, i'm good, how're you

  5. everything is cool, i had lessons anyway so didnt really notice kam's absence.

  6. oh hay, long time, how's life

  7. ok, good

    i mean not good, but convenient

  8. hey there

    not appearing here nearly as often as i used to

    but will try to catch you later anyways

    stay well

  9. Yeah, back, kind of.

    How are you, away, too?

  10. didnt have any plans on watching anime, so yeah it'll be my premiere candidate

  11. oi, been a long time, yeah i tried it one evening, but havent really decided on it, so its still on my pc, almost untouched. There was a creepy one called Scratches, it feels kinda archaic, but worth a try

  12. SHaaz, Happy Birthday!

  13. Hey Idl this dude totally snatched your pseudo

  14. happy birthday, Krogoth

  15. it was a SNES rom which i played on an emulator and it was in english, perhaps you can find the PS One release too since ps emulator works like a charm on pc, also if i remember right the sequel was released only on ps one. I got no links but it should be easy to find. Feeling like playing a bit of survival?

  16. dunno what to answer, except that i think two erotic demispheres beat an erotic sphere every day of the week.

    Hows your enlightment in martial arts? My experience with them was pathetic.

  17. missed you by an inch

  18. you checked this yet


    This guy/gal/group of people/whoever is behind creating this is amazing

  19. oh right Ramadan, kinda escaped my mind, when you said festival i imagined something like masquerades in Brazil

  20. hey Idl hows' it going

  21. a festival? are you taking part?

    And poor computer must barely survive in your climate. I suppose it must be hot and damp in SL

  22. i understand why you like Japanese horror makers i saw these two vids http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxwriDF4DOs&feature=player_embedded

    and i am petrified.
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