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  1. I have yet to watch an anime that terrible
  2. Aztira

    Last Manga You Read

    Vampire Knight vol 12
  3. When I first heard about this it was the best news I had heard in quite a while! I mean, Sailor V for the first time in America!
  4. Aztira

    What animes have made you cry?

    For me it's a tie between Ceres and Samurai X
  5. Aztira

    Favorite Anime Movie!

    Spirited Away
  6. Aztira

    Manga That You'd Like to See as an Anime

    01. Kaze Hikaru 02. Her Majesty's Dog 03. Absolute Boyfriend 04. Our Kingdom 05. Little Butterfly 06. IDentity 07. +Anima 08. From Far Away 09. Wild Ones 10. Shinobi Life 11. Silver Diamond 12. Alice 19th 13. Imadoki 14. Kagetora 15. Kilala Princess
  7. Aztira

    Best Magical girl

    Louise from Zero no Tsukaima
  8. I don't really have a preference either... Some animes are better long while others are better off being short.
  9. Aztira

    What anime do you want in English dub

    Zombie Loan 07-Ghost Loveless Sukisyo Sailor Moon Stars Junjou Romantica Kyo Kara Maoh Season 3 Zero no Tsukaima S2 and S3
  10. Aztira

    Shoujo-ai, Yuri anime

    Kannazuki no Miko now titled: Destiny of the Shrine Maiden
  11. Aztira

    What are your Top 5 or 10 Favorite English Dubs?

    01. Spirited Away 02. Ranma 1/2 03. Fushigi Yugi 04. Kyo Kara Maoh 05. Nausica 06. Castle in the Sky 07. Kodocha 08. Bleach 09. Chobits 10. Gravitation
  12. While it is true that most Live Actions tend to be overrated I still think an LA of Ranma 1/2 or one piece would be pretty entertaining
  13. Aztira

    Do you ever fall asleep to anime?

    I fell asleep a few times with Ranma 1/2 in the background
  14. Aztira

    Favorite Pokemon: Why?

    Eevee!! Probably because of allllllllll the Evolutions...7 i think
  15. Aztira

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Chobits!! I lol and T_T every time I watch this!