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    Latest Naruto Manga Discussion [Spoiler]

    What do you guys think? It's too OP imo. I'm thinking now that BM Naruto doesn't stand a chance against Sasuke when they will fight. :/
  2. joshdax2

    Latest Naruto Manga Discussion [Spoiler]

    Kishi really favors the Uchiha. It's one power up then another. xD About Izanami, It's been said that Izanagi is the opposite of Izanami if I guess right? so I think since Izanagi turns reality into illusion, Izanami will turn illusion into reality. Like when Itachi casts Amaterasu in his genjutsu, he could bring it down in the real world instead. Or since it's a genjutsu, he can use Chibaku Tensei, Rasenshuriken or even turn Kabuto into puny little snake then Itachi kills it. LOL just a guess though
  3. joshdax2

    Naruto's new mode *SPOILER*

    lol at Kakashi when he thought it was Minato when it was actually Naruto.
  4. joshdax2

    Who's Your Favorite Legendary Sannin?

    Well I'd say Tsunade. Her monstrous strength and Med skills are cool. And I liked her even more when she was protecting the whole village during Pain's Invasion. How many people do think could have survived if she was not appointed as the Fifth Hokage at that time?
  5. Oops. Sorry, I meant for Naruto. I didn't read Koby's comment. Guess I should read comments more from now on. lol To be honest, I hate fillers. They should get back to the main story coz I prefer watching the anime than reading the manga. I really get bored reading mangas. I want sound, videos if you know what I mean.
  6. speaking of which, do you know when the fillers are gonna end or when are they going back to the main story? Please tell me if you know.
  7. Hello, I just saw your post asking who Koby is and yes he is the owner and one of the Administrators of the site.

  8. Avatar, Inuaysha and currently Naruto(dubbed)
  9. joshdax2

    Favorite Type of Music

    Pop. Because britney is pop and she is my idol.
  10. joshdax2

    Favorite Movie

    Probably American Pie or Van wilder! LOL very funy movies. i recommend it to anybody
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    Favorite Sport

  12. joshdax2


    Hi y'all! Nice to met ya!
  13. joshdax2

    Favorite Anime and Why???

    I like Naruto, inuyasha and avatar. i can't really choose between those 3. >_<