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  1. Piper Exodia?Sounds pretty cool.I would like to see that work against my deck.
  2. I've been using Fire Fist monsters for some time now and I've gotta say they are more broken than any meta deck and is pretty hard to side against.Their ability to swarm and destroy the field is incredible and is extremely cheap if your opponent does not have the right cards to counter against their effects.For those of you that are familiar of what I am talking about,I want to here your opinion about them.Do you think they are going to hit the ban list hard when it comes around next year?What cards that GREATLY support this deck do you think will hit the ban list?
  3. My username is Blueno-CP9 on DN.I'm up for a tournament if anyone wants to send me a shout out on DN.I've been playing for a few months now and i am pretty adept to the game.
  4. Yeah but nobody is willing to put it on any bots.I would like to upload it to JF but i need a premium account.

  5. check out One Piece wiki. http://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/Episode_Guide#special1 The Skypiea Arc is eps.153-195.You prolly left off at 153-160 if you only remember the Straw Hats arrival.
  6. Hey man, do you still plan on uploading Steamboy?

  7. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!Every OP and ED is MP3 worthy.One Piece also has great openings.
  8. In my opinion,the hardest game i have ever played has got to be F Zero GX. I love that game to death but story mode on very hard was some crazy *** ****!!!!I remember freshman year trying to unlock all AX characters by beating all chapters on very hard and it was so difficult i nearly had a stroke(i'm only kidding about the stroke part...but you get how i felt).Accomplishing that however was one of the greatest game achievements i have ever made in my life. So tell me forum.What's the hardest video game you have ever played?
  9. TCL!!!!Great to see ya again.You guys should watch Dexter.It's got a really cool theme similar to Deathnote.
  10. I'm wondering if anyone knows about a gaming site much like myanimelist but for like...games in general(both retro and present).If any of you guys do.Can you share the site with me.Thanks.
  11. good to know.I'm Alexander I watch anime and read manga on HQ sites that distribute translated manga.What are your favorite games Charles(or anime and manga if you don't play games)?
  12. Yooooooo.Just curious if anyone has ever played the Sakura Wars games.The only game that i know of that is part of this series that has been released in the U.S is Sakura Wars V.I would like to hear your thoughts about the anime or video game series.
  13. Budokai is the way to go.The Tenkaichi games sucked.I really found the battle system just too weird and it was just not playable for me.
  14. Nocturne is such an incredible game.The Digital Devil Saga series is on my list to MUSt get games.And i really recommend getting both unless you like being stuck on cliffhangers.
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