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  1. LOL Orochimaru is always coming back it kinda pisses me off they handicap him in some way. But I agree with you Tsunade is crap and Orochimaru is always to ambitious to fight to the fullest. Jiraiya was the only one who throw down and keep on kicking. They could have done this story way better in my opinion if Jiraiya was made 5th Hokage.
  2. Its just a let down since the story is super duper long, Naruto is getting boring and I'm more interested in the BG story surrounding Madara and Hashirama and other support characters. The plot wholes aside look at Rikuamero's plot breakers the stuff there unravels the story in Naruto.
  3. I read that wiki a few months ago, didn't it also say the uzumaki were a branch off of the senju? Which in some literal sense gives Naruto more physical capabilities then the average ninja and makes him without Tsunade a distant relative to the 1st and 2nd Hokage and by ancient relation the uchiha and sasuke?
  4. I'm just interested in the projects, I don't expect a difference in quality other then you know the difference of time like episodes 4-6 compared to 1-3. Although I'm really curious about where they go with ep7 because I think it lacks luster now to continue with lukes story when its been like 20 years after ep6.
  5. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=agree%20to%20disagree&defid=1616960 This is one of my philosophies and one of my favorites. Ask your self about a conflict any conflict any disagreement and think of why you're doing it or why is someone else doing it and why can't they or you just accept people are different and continue with your day? What is so hard with accepting that? Do you practice this? Have you been to stubborn to let an argument go until you are certain that they agree with you? I have argued to much and just let differences be differences. I like just letting it go not holding it in and letting it boil its a bad feeling.
  6. Like the title asks, what is your favorite part? Like beginning, middle, end? My favorite is always the ending, don't get me wrong there are some terrible endings but often you get see where all your favortie characters end up and life as we know it just moves on. So here is my question what is your favorite part in Anime or Manga and what Anime or Manga was it that had your favorite part? You might need spoiler tags for some of them. My favorite endings Trigun: Vash beating his brother and seemingly sparring his life and deciding to live by his own philosophy just great. Cowboy Bebop: I have to re-watch the ending but Spike pulling off one last "Bang" before falling is just timeless. Yu-Yu Hakusho: Its ends with Yusuke coming home and you get to see an over view where the team is, Kurama on earth with Yusuke and Kuwabara and Hiei living it up with that scarry S-class demon chick. I just loved the whole series really. To be honest this thread probably already exists but my search might have had a different title so... here you go.
  7. At the point in the anime being released the ep count is about 40-50 off from where it is now that I made the initial post even still some questions or flaws if you will go un hindered since the plot or story line has been changed from the original design where itachi was supposed to be a full blown villain and sasuke did not exist. Also Sasuke did not kill orochimaru he absorbed him then itachi sealed his body and was burned by the black flames, then from there orochimaru had a breef moment attempting to take over kabuto's body after kabuto implanted some of orochimarus cells in his body. Orochimaru lives on even after being sealed and burned. Nagato/pain is still a huge let down because he is supposed to be the next sage of six paths or whatever and at the end of the fight where naruto slightly unlock the seal of the kyuubi he has still enough chakra even from a blind rage to keep moving when in the past it leaves him knocked out its BS. I know of what the rinnegan can do its just pathetic what little Nagato did do with them. Even a fraction of what little he did was awesome and he had power to destroy the ninja world but no they handi-caped him and made his original body his physical weakness more BS.
  8. I understand why people think they can chain MST to things and think its effects will go unresolved. For me in the least before I looked it up I understood that a chain resolves with the last chain link (last to first) so to me if I chained an mst to a creature swap or something like that and it resolves, creature swap isn't on the field to resolve itself. But thats not how it works since normal traps and spell resolve unless its other wise stated in a card effect.
  9. For some draw speed use cards like One day of peace, Hand destruction and Destiny Hero - Deffender with the infinite trap card Appropriate. Appropriate lets you draw 2 cards each time your opponent draws outside of their draw phase. The above cards are great ideas for an Exodia deck. A tip for Evil Heroes: The only elemental Heroes you need to summon any of the Evil hero fusions are Avian and Clayman and as the sub use Versago. Versago becomes any fusion material monster but the rest must be correct in addition since its evil Heroes he is a fiend lv3 works with tour guide and can also be fused to make Dark Gaia. -In addition to the Evil Hero tip you can add 2 rescue rabbits into the build seeing as Avian is a normal lv3 and clayman is a normal lv4. Maybe everyone already knows this but here is a call of the haunted tip: Special summon the monster of your choosing and use it for xyz summon or a synchro, call of the haunted wont leave the field since the monster was not destroyed and if you synchro a scrap dragon you can target your call of the haunted and a card your opponent controls to gain field advantage. -In a ddition to scrap dragon you can also targt a zenmain you control to activate its effect and destroy 2 cards your opponent control.
  10. Tip: The only monster from the extra deck that I know of that can be used in combo with the seal is wind-up zenmain. It gives you a free destroy option and then you change zenmain to ATK and he'll be a 2000 beater. Tip: you can also use Malefic Stardust double protect the seal and other monsters, downside your other monsters can't attack. Tip: Use the seal with king tiger wanghu + Different Dimension gate to lock out a large number of Meta decks. Tip: Using zenmain: Tour guides and rescue rabbits will get a zenmains faster but you have to do it before playing the seal. Koa'ki meiru doom is a lv3 fiend 1700 ATK, hunter dragon is a normal dragon lv3 1700 ATK these cards make great beaters with the seal plus Doom shuts down any light and dark monsters effects in the main phases so be careful before getting him on the field.
  11. Its possible but it wouldn't matter. Orochimaru soul jumps so fully sealing him away is almost impossible. Since it has been shown that he can force his soul to enter Kabuto's new body after taking in Orochimaru's DNA that would be the only way he could return.
  12. Made an account there "TurtleTab" but the playing takes so long I get bored before the 4th turn XD still fun.
  13. Heres a link of what I've been reading, read it comment on it or just share your thoughts about Voter Fraud. http://news.yahoo.co...cnlwYWdl;_ylv=3
  14. http://youtu.be/nI70UUW_1n8 I don't know how people posted the video so theres the link.
  15. I don't see anything wrong with teaching kids how to fight. Aside from what most people will see, the martial arts is a way to express yourself. No different from a singer or a dancer. On the other side it is survival, knowing how to deffend yourself. Its not something people ever want to admit but sometimes their kids need to be hit and sometimes their kids need to hit back.
  16. Yeah that is true. Other then his natural talent Neji also used his own kind of Taijutsu. And I dind't think of it now but Lee should totally learn it. Its Tai jutsu and it doesn't require hand signs from what I remember of the trigrams.
  17. I was so let down in the first what was it 13 eps? I hope the next part has some boom in it! Thing I wanted to see or have explained from the previous series... 1. Korra should have gone avatar state on something at least once. 2. I wanted to see how Aang handles his children as they end up with different skills and one without any. 3. I want to know about Zuko's mom. 4. I want to know how Air bisens reproduce. 5. How come Sokka didn't have nay kids? 6. Who the hell was tough enough to have a kid with Toff? 7. What became of Azula?
  18. Its because he is based souly on Bruce Lee that they couldn't add to his abilities. For being the well known Tai jutsu master the only way to make Lee interesting is to make up a new Tai jutsu for him. Aside from that, Lee is probably the most perfect character. He needs no improvements. While everyone else is straining themselves for more power. I'm using perfect in the context of without flaw.
  19. I need to find a job.

  20. My dad told me about myself as a young boy when we went to a Rainbow. He told me as we were walking out I lifted my shirt and said "look dad I pay for it here" I was holding a coloring book under my shirt. I'm not a fan of petty theft since an old school mate of mine does it just because he knows he wont get caught stealing stuff like candy or cards. It freaks me out, I'm one of those super self-concious people who think everyone can see what i'm up to already so i don't even try. So does anyone else have any stories to share or a remark for petty theft?
  21. Super Natural is so cool I love the adaptation of religius diety's crossing each other and having hinted historys with each other. I can see season 5 being the end of it all or at least the wrap up of the series, season 6 was just so stale in story. My least favorite season. Season 7 had a nice twist of monsters, however I did not like their Leviathan concept.
  22. Trigun, Cowboy Bebop and Rurouni Kenshin. These three off the top of my head have nothing left unsaid (at least from what I remember). Each started and finished like any good story. The Hero dies a death worth dying or lives on sharing the same ideals that made them heroes.
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