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  1. Yo NoName! Merry Christmas, but a bit late so I hope you had a good one!

  2. ^ Well, I just recently finished episode 12 of the series and it's going quite meh up till now. The artwork isn't impressive, either, but that is what I'd expected from such an old series. I was planning on reading the manga but ended up watching the anime for good. I guess I'll start reading it after completing the anime. What is the latest chapter, by the way? I heard it's still on-going and is quite as hell old material. I dunno how would I be able to cope up, but meh, let's see.
  3. Gorgeous. /Me goes to check out the anime
  4. Thanks for the file and compliment.
  5. Just re-installed the whole thing again, and yo, the problem vanished. After installation, it said to update this thing called DirectX Runtime I did it, and it all works like butter now. Sorry for the trouble The problem is solved and can be locked. /Me goes back to watch anime
  6. Ah, yeah, I forgot to mention. The damn thing looks awesome when it's in the normal mode (window mode), but as soon as I go full-screen, it fucks up and gets pixelated.
  7. ^The episode size was pretty goddamn small—even if it was a 480p release. Have anything else that might help?
  8. Well, he is willing to share his stuff here—even if it's not anime related—I guess he should be given permission, like turn him into an uploader or somethin. Also, the predefined rule that specifies that you have to be a donator/crusader+/uploader/any other high rank to be able to see the area or post your stuff in it, is actually lame, in my humble opinion. I think, if the person is willing to contribute to the forum, he/she should not be stopped or been told that you'd have to earn a higher rank first. I think you should contact Koby, FrozenSolid.
  9. Hello there, my fellow Kametsu people. This is probably the first time I'm actually asking for someone's help here at Kametsu, also the first time something like this has happened. So the thing started when I updated my CCCP codec thanks to all this fuss going on about 8-bit and 10-bit encodes. I use two players for playback, by the way—MPC-HC and KMplayer. The problem only gets in MPC-HC. Since I prefer MPC-HC more than KMplayer because KMplayer has a terrible habit of fiddling around with subtitles, I'm asking this. The following screenshot is of the anime "Kimi to Boku"; episode 01 (480p): KMplayer: MPC-HC: This problem happens with 480p ones when I play them on my laptop (1280 x 800) and also on Monitor screen (1600 x 900). But, the same kind of problem persists when I play the 720p ones when I hook my laptop to my monitor (1600 x 900), but does not happen when I watch them in my laptop. What could be causing it? What should I do to prevent it?
  10. Hmmmm, if I remember correctly, wasn't it like ghosts (like souls) trapped inside a shell (a body) or somethin'? At any rate, that was my dilemma. Beh, I don't remember exactly as I didn't pay much attention to the movie plus I was watching too much stuff back then.
  11. Mari Katsuragi; absolutely beautiful, optimistic, ditsy. She used to be bike rider, too. Damn, just my taste. Heh.
  12. Pfft, Kara no Kyoukai? You out of your arse, man? KnK was a fun ride; not a scary one. Back on topic, even if the thing I'm gonna recommend isn't much scary, but still, it's good and kinds has that theme. Okay, check out this 4 episode OVA series called "Pet Shop of Horrors." It's great, I must add. If you get unhappy because of it's small number of episodes, check out the manga; one is finished and the other is on-going. Enjoy~ EDIT: For gore, you can check out the on-going anime called Mirai Nikki. Deadman Wonderland is another good one, but you'd be better of with checking out it's manga as it ends with a cliff-hanger type of ending.
  13. I'm loving this one: Would you mind PMing me the PSD file for that thing? EDIT: How are my "Miku artworks", by the way? (Both of my signatures)
  14. Hey, the name Ghost in the Shell has fair amount of relation to the anime. Even though I have not, yet, checked out the series, but the name is, in my judgement, apt and appropriate to the movies. Oh, and I also prefer when the name of the anime is in relation with the anime. I'm not particularly a fan of a name like "Naruto" because, well, it causes trouble when you're actually searching for the character on the internet and you eventually get yourself the anime's results.
  15. I watched Mirai Nikki's third episode and Ben-To's third episode this morning. Up till now, both the shows are going great. Though, Mirai Nikki seems a lot more promising to me. As of now, I finished watching third episode of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée; currently in the process of watching the fourth one. It's a great anime, I must say. Reminds me a lot about Usagi Drop and Spice and Wolf.
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