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  1. Buddy of mine just mentioned this anime to me an hour ago. Looks like I need to get started.
  2. Book 4 - A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin
  3. Reaper178

    what is your best racing game?

    Nothing beats burnout. Just simply racing is boring as hell. I rather ram my opponents off the road and cause fiery explosions in the process. Now that's fun.
  4. Reaper178

    FFX HD for PS3 and PSVita

    PS2 backwards compatibility for the PSV is all I need to be convinced to by that awesome handheld. Got mine pre-ordered on amazon.
  5. Reaper178

    Final Fantasy VII (7) Overrated & Overhyped

    The game was a pioneer for modern rpg's. Hell it was the first game ever to have cutscenes. Sure by todays standards their are many better rpg's but compare it to the games of its time, it was genius work.
  6. Reaper178

    Could a Final Fantasy VII remake be on the way?

    we can only dream
  7. Reaper178

    who would you like taken out from bleach?

    everyone who likes to give stupid flashbacks that take up several episodes. Seriously, who spills out their lifes story to their enemies before fighting them. Tis ridiculous in my eyes.