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  1. Which series get dropped or extended never made sense to me. You have ones that go on forever like the Big Bang Theory that just seems corny and then you have ones like APB, Cult and Class that get dropped after 1 season. Some times, shows get pushed into days that are guaranteed to result in lower ratings though the show is actually quite good. Seems like the viewers should pick which shows they want to watch, not TV Execs.
  2. GCMD

    Black Clover

    I love this anime. It seems to ramp up and gear down at a good pace. Lots of questions to be answered about the origins of Asta and Yuno...I have my theories.
  3. I don't think many people will survive if Daryl takes charge! I'm trying to stay interested in TWD but they are pushing the limits...
  4. GCMD

    how is this possible?

    It may be part of the decryption of the link. I know some of the folder links are encrypted by safelink...or others. JDownloader usually takes care of that automatically.
  5. GCMD

    IRC Questions

    Can someone point the way to a GOOD tutorial? I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to IRC...
  6. GCMD

    iPhone 4S

    I'm a mac guy. I have the laptops, desktops, ipads, ipods and iphones. Having iPhones in my house is a necessity...not just a preference. Even if I still had a windows laptop (I converted the last one to Ubuntu), iphones are still easier to use and more intuitive.
  7. GCMD

    Favorite Eddie Murphy movie?

    The Klumps...
  8. GCMD

    Official Favorite Actor/Actress

    Sean Connery, Morgan Freeman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan Rachel Weiz, Rose Byrne, Zoe Saldana
  9. GCMD

    Terra Nova

    LOL. I like the show...it's intelligent and the drama forces you to sometimes root for the bad guy. I suggest watching the first 4 episodes before making any rush judgement. What some people are forgetting...the dinosaurs thrived for millions of years! I think they can squeeze out a few seasons of action and drama before they have to address that.
  10. GCMD

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Immortals...SMASHED Clash of the Titans! Made it look like a Disney movie! Highly recommend it to the war-action-mythology fanatic
  11. GCMD

    James Bond VS. Jason Bourne

    Jason Bourne and again...it's not eve close. Bourne is by himself (figuratively) and Bond has an entire organization behind him. Bond is the guy who chases Bourne and Bourne is the guy who ultimately wastes Bond...
  12. GCMD

    Favorite "Disturbed" Song

    Down with the sickness ... and it's not even close...
  13. GCMD

    What's your personal theme song????

    My kids chose it for me... So Fresh and So Clean - OutKast
  14. Last book read: Butcher, Jim - The Dresden Files 01 - Storm Front Current Reading: Butcher, Jim - The Dresden Files 02 - Fool Moon Next book to read: The Hunger Games
  15. GCMD

    Eminem: The best rapper ever?

    Many people can't tell the difference. Jay-Z is a very good rapper but he's an average lyricist. Beanie Seagal is an excellent lyricist but only a good rapper. Eminem is a very good rapper but one of the best lyricists ever. Is he the best rapper ever? Remains to be seen.