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  1. thanks Dan Den..> no its not my work tho i kinda just patched it together.

  2. really dude what planet did u fall off frm.>.......>
  3. if an anime has that much hype then it then it does deserve to be watched.>> only a retard would hype up something that is crap....no disrespect to anyone.
  4. hey guys just wanted to knw what ur top 5 is, who knws i might get inspired to lyk ur characters too.>> mine are: 1.vegita frm drangon ball z 2.death the kid frm soul eater 3.kempachi frm bleach 4.Lelouch vi Britannia frm Code Geass 5.alurcard frm hellsing
  5. definatly anime then searching for games based on anime. and the usually party evry nw nd then.....
  6. watching soul eater and bamboo blade at the same time back to back
  7. after finishing trinity blood i find my question to have been pointless coz it sucked.... the story is gud dont get me wrong but it just wasnt gud enough.
  8. yeah i mean as in hollywood type of movies... yeah those would make awesome movies tho for phantom it would be better if they changed the ending...lol
  9. i think blur beats burnout by far they do have similar stuff in them but blur just has better graphics than burnout.
  10. the last one was good but just didnt find it to be that hard coz i finished it in 2 days.
  11. Dude all I have to say is that you have one sick ass looking sig, men now that's what I call pure artistic awesomeness. Is this your work?

  12. air, Evangelion 1 and 2, ninja scroll and sword of a stranger
  13. who would like to them to release a new god of war?
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