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  1. back on the awakening mangekyou discusion, how would you explain Madara and his brother then? it says in chapter 386 that they only underwent intense training together, and fought constantly to become the stronger.
  2. question, who was the man 16 years ago that was the reason why nine tails was sealed inside naruto? is that masked man a different one? or i missed something perhaps?
  3. im waiting on littlebig planet, forget weeks, id be playing it for months
  4. It looks perfect, can i get a URL to it? I forget how to set sigs in the CP
  5. Text: Omega Size: same as my current one, or any size that siga can be. Image: http://www.animeresimleri.com/img2198.htm Colour scheme: i am okay with any colours you add to make it interesting. Type of graphic: sig
  6. now for these converters, before i start converting, will it give the the option to toggle subtitles on or off, and change the audio to english (automatically set to japanese when i downloaded the movies) because the movies i want to encode are dual audio, and like i said, they default to japanese.
  7. does anyone know where i can download a good psp converter that can convert movies? the converter i use only works for episodes (when i try to convert the cardcaptor sakura dubbed movies to psp, they show up on the psp as unsupported data) anyone got any converter that will work on movies in converting to psp format?
  8. cardcaptors is the only anime i remember when i was young
  9. Omega

    I hate Naruto

    i like Naruto, haters that hate, leave the thread.
  10. tobi seemed afraid of madara in my opinions, so i choose madara
  11. you know, i would laugh if tobi was really infact, a character that wasnt even introduced in the series, but it is a door that still can be open.
  12. ya, now he sais people should call him tobi again, man, i really dont know what to think anymore, its soo confusing lol, im just gonna call him tobi, and at this point, with all the discussion, i wonder who he turns out to be, i wonder if he ends up being a known character, an unknown one, i even wonder hes even going to be an uchiha.
  13. last anime series i finished was elfenlied, by god, when i got near the end, i felt like i might be too depressed to find out how it fully ends.
  14. Omega

    Roxas or Sora?

    i think that by saying one of my favorite games is 358/2 days basically tells you which of them i like most. (roxas)
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