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  1. The oldest anime I have hmm.. that would be The Fist of the North Star(1984) and has already mentioned Dragon Ball(1984). But now I find harder and harder to watch a really old anime that is after getting used to recent anime. Does anyone agree or its just me? What are your opinions?
  2. No other than the Fire Alchemist Colonel Roy Mustang(click of a finger and you are miles away) and of course Armstrong(Always find it funny when he goes on about his family history and his muscular body) and that's that.
  3. Hahaha........ can't stop laughing Reminds me of the times when am trying to explain an episode to a friend or an anime that i have recently watched am really terrible.... so terrible i just want to laugh. And every time i describe the character, say his clothing he then responds saying the name you mean........... and i just nod in embarrassment Just like you have already mentioned RazorDan i remember the story, plot etc, but not the name of the main character! and Lemmingllama saying just remembering all the major features of a character, works really well and for sure it does. Its funny that i have a good memory when it comes to my sciences but the thing i enjoy the most i do forget just shows my dedication but i still do try. The sure are happy times
  4. For sure downloading has become difficult, i can say am a little lucky, just a little lucky because i spent my December holidays downloading and managed to get up to 1.35T but of course there is just so much more great anime's out there. Oh what can you do...... they were great times but like wise have to make the most of Now.
  5. I have to say brilliant, just brilliant!, its really a good stroy...... This is me only going to read the first Part of the story then i will go do some study, bits me ended up reading till Part 14. Now am late hahaha.......
  6. Katongo


    Brilliant question, i really never thought of that. Now to answer the question with the limited knowledge i have. So what is harm? From what i have researched Harm is any action that causes injury, hurt, damage, misfortune, detriment and that can be physically or mentially. We can be mentially harmed when we diminish our power of reasoning then we let others give us our conclusion of things thats one example. Where does harm begin? Do correct me if am wrong but i think it begins when we make an offense but thats not always the case. An offense is defined has something that causes harm or you can argue saying any action that causes you to harm were the other person starts to feel harmed and ends when the action is carried out. I will go back and review what i have written when i get more time but that it a brilliant question.
  7. Its definitely a looker thats for sure, its just fantastic!! really
  8. When i heard that some people only managed to watch 1 or 2 episodes of anime in a week, i thought they didn't love watching has much has i do because i have assignments/homework and study too, so i was thinking what could the possibly be doing all day or after school/University if not watching anime But Now look who's only watching 4 or less episodes a week that's right ME. So how would manage you ask? For me i have download a lot of anime that i haven't watched and i really want to watch so bad but i have to postponed and do something more urgent or something that will definitely not hate if i don't do like assignments or studying, so i just have to wait......
  9. My hobbies do vary at times for example when i have time i would go to the movies which cost $20 but on a regular basis it would probably be internet for downloading anime which cost $79 for unlimited, has for video games i only buy if i find one that i really like so it depends for that one. But i try to keep a limit of say $120.
  10. Have to agree, the have been some average series but of course there has been some good series too, in fact i managed to download all the series mentioned by lemmingllama and Koby haven't watched them all but i loved the story's when i read them.
  11. Nothing extraordinary, just spending time with family, play some games, talk and the usual. So what is the usual? Like Wise, Happy New Year
  12. Any Change in one's life sure is difficult BUT that's a challenge and i wouldn't mind doing it for a day or two. Like Lemmingllama said it definitely would be handy to understand the opposite gender.
  13. Ha Ha.... its definitely funny that's for sure thanks for sharing
  14. Usually when am in a shopping centre am quiet quick in getting what i want then am already out, so i don't really think about it too much but of course when am with my Mum which takes forever to finish shopping then it gets to me
  15. Gintama is definitely funny that's for sure, actually i was trying to give up am on episode 168 i didn't know it reached has far has 237 because so far i have downloaded till 203 and i have being constantly checking but its no good. I mean its very funny i have cracked up so many times but for some reason its still not reaching the height i have set it out to be.
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