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  1. Id rather say: how much anime do you watch yearly? :-X
  2. am i the only one who will stand still without any move in situations like that? @.@ i think i'll be helpless
  3. Hello and welcome to Kametsu, I just saw your question and you need 5 valid posts to be able to download and or edit your post and avatar.

    Ask if you need any more help

  4. i do remember a racing game on ps1 small cars race on a table or kitchen flour and things like that and i remember the second part of it was small guys race instead of cars =D but don't really remember the game name and im dying to play it again i'm still in question why didn't it have versions on ps2 or nin T T
  5. thanks a lot =)
  6. new here =p plz i want a sig Text (turn around to): Sub-Text (Next Side): Size (Sigs are normally 350x140 or 400x100) (avatars are 100x100) (Buttons are 88x31 or 88x15): Images (http://i54.tinypic.com/261niwj.jpg ): Color Scheme:black Kind of Graphic(Sig): Things to Avoid:keep it as dark as it is right now Other Comments:big thanks in advance xD
  7. Welcome to Kametsu!!