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  1. Noxious_Gale

    What if you found a death note ??

    i write the name of my math teacher Mr. mancia
  2. Noxious_Gale

    So who here likes Star Ocean?

    i like star ocean been playing it on my ps2
  3. Noxious_Gale

    Who Loves Sonic Adventure? xD

    i do and my brother we still playing it untill now and maybe forever.
  4. Noxious_Gale

    Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

    playing it again classic mode on my ps1 hehe
  5. Noxious_Gale

    Who Loves Crash Bandicoot?

    i love crash team racing
  6. Noxious_Gale

    Best First Person Shooter you ever played

    i love halo and call of duty my fav.
  7. Noxious_Gale

    Sony Admits PlayStation Move Has Been A Failure

    controller is still the best and i think its so over price that so many cant afford to but it
  8. Noxious_Gale

    Your favorite Final Fantasy Minigames & Sidequests

    chocobo hot and cold in ff9 and card game in ff8..
  9. Noxious_Gale

    More Pokemon?

    i started playing pokemon since pokemon yellow and untill now pokemon black/white pokemon forever
  10. Noxious_Gale

    Do you remember Nintendo

    i still got my nes and snes and its still in good shape..
  11. Noxious_Gale

    Whats your top 3 Anime soundtrack??

    1. persona 4 2. guilty crown 3. full metal alchemist
  12. Noxious_Gale

    First Video Game

    gameboy - pokemon yellow version Snes - chrono trigger Ps1 - ff7
  13. Noxious_Gale

    Favorite Cartoon Show

    pokemon series