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  1. xAaronx

    xAaronx's Showcase!

    Welp my old thread seems to be gone and dead now probably from the forums change, so I figured time to make a new one! It's been awhile since I've done graphic work but I'm going to try and get back into it xD here's some of the stuff I did this year! This is Newest to Oldest from my new upload account, I'll just post the best stuff. (Text is kinda bad on here was testing some new stuff at the time) Graphic Clan Challenge entry on another site. http://imageshack.us/a/img145/9895/gundamunicornwallpaper.png <- Unicorn Gundam Wallpaper. I was playing with smudge effect to try and deal with sharp edges. Pretty much it for now I'll be making new stuff soonish xD please leave any comments or advice here and lemme know what I can do to improve.
  2. xAaronx

    Video game Collecters discussion. ^_^

    My current list of still working machines are... - Atari 2600 - NES - SNES - Sega Genesis - Gameboy - GB Color - GB Pocket - GB SP - GBA - PS1 - PS2 - PS3 - PSP Fat and Slim - PS Vita - N64 - Gamecube - Wii - One of Sega's Handhelds (Can't remember the name since its lost somewhere in my closet :x ) - PC - Nintendo DS I currently still have all these and they still work although hooking up the Atari is hard since I lack bunny ears on my TV now XD
  3. xAaronx

    How was your day today?

    Been so so. Sad that Gundam Build Fighters is over, I now have nothing to watch on mondays :/ even more so I'm going to have to buy a new PC since Windows is stopping its support for XP and its too costly to upgrade my current PC. Aside from that its been good, been enjoying all the new stuff in FFXIV, Dark Souls II, etc.
  4. xAaronx

    Avatar Rating!

    0.5/10 felt generous but seriously man get a avatar not too much work involved
  5. xAaronx

    Say something nice about the user above.

    Is a very active new forumer
  6. xAaronx

    Rate The Signatures Above

    A Bit confused with Bush being in it buuuuut 8/10 since it has good effects, proper placement, etc.
  7. xAaronx

    Avatar Rating!

    Lol in all honesty the avatar cannot hold both her face and her chest well but hey I like Queens Blade so... 7/10
  8. xAaronx

    Avatar Rating!

    6/10 Feels like it was cropped directly from a Anime Stock needs a bit more effect to it but still pretty nice to look at
  9. Gundam Build Fighters has some great OST more some of the best tracks are as followed. Disc 1 - "Gundam Build Fighters" "Build Fight" "Gunpla Battle" "The Crimson Comet, Three Times the Passion of Ordinary Flaminco" (hit or miss for people) "Speed Star" Disc 2 - "This is how we do" "Quick Attack" Most of these are on youtube so you can see if you like them or not from there
  10. xAaronx

    Vita Question!!!

    As others have said, you should keep your vita and wait awhile, the PS4 has limited games a few good but nothing to keep you entertained for a long time. I honestly don't see it getting a good list of games until August to December since the PS3 still has releases coming
  11. xAaronx

    Zombie Movies

    Personally For a comedy standpoint Zombieland has my vote. But the first and probably best zombie movie Ive watched was Dawn of the Dead, I started with this and still love it to this day. Zombieland is well worth watching so if you have the chance be sure to see it
  12. xAaronx

    xAaronx's Showcase!

    Been a bit since I've updated this (Damn you Dark Souls II for eating my time and sanity!) 2 new pieces I did recently one for a Angel Clan Callout and a Dark Souls 2 Sig
  13. Finally got my hands on the Gundam Build Fighters OST :D Loving all the amazing music on it <3

  14. 3 More days till Dark Souls II :D I'm so Psyched to hunt people down in a more balanced game >w>

    1. Tanis


      I gotta wait till April so I can play it on the PC.

    2. Kid Boruto

      Kid Boruto

      I still need to buy & play both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1 here....I'm hoping I don't ragequit over dying so often.

  15. xAaronx

    Random Talk.

    Hmm I'm assuming it'll be about ponies, Pinky?
  16. xAaronx

    xAaronx's Showcase!

    Thanks, I've been slown down though since I've been sick recently so haven't been able to produce any new sigs T_T And if you do get back into it be sure to make a showcase, everyone can be really helpful to give advice to improve your work overall :3
  17. Oh gawd I was going to fix up my posts in Requiems Call but the site I did all my corrections is down T_T

  18. xAaronx

    Looks who back....again lol

    Gasp a Fellow Missourian the rare member who lives in the same state as me xD Welcome Back then Koga, hope this place and help you relax more
  19. xAaronx

    Hello all! Coming from C-W...

    Welcome to the Forums, Anyone who likes DxD is cool in my book XD I wouldn't know about the music part though since everything on the radio is freaking country or rap T_T
  20. xAaronx

    Hey everyone! <3

    So many new people to welcome ~_~ I dunno how the regular "Walmart Greeters" of Kametsu keep up lol Anywho Welcome to the forums have fun and enjoy your stay with us hope you make plenty of new buddies here
  21. xAaronx

    Random Talk.

    More snow and ice for me xD I'm not plowing it again, our neighbours tried and they kept falling on their asses cause of the ice UNDER the snow XD. Aside from that I've been too sick to do any work outside anywho :\ caught some kind of a stomach bug ~_~ I've been tossing my cookies so much I swear I've lost 10Lbs x.x
  22. xAaronx

    Can you swim?

    I can't swim sadly, mostly due to a childhood trauma where my stupid uncle thought it would be funny to pull a 6-7 year old under the water without any warning >_> I nearly drowned. I just need to learn how to swim now but I'll have a hard time relaxing thanks to that memory popping up :|
  23. Wonder When I'll be able to see Persona 3 The Spring of Birth T_T

  24. xAaronx

    SOTW #131: Kuroshitsuji

    I see thanks for pointing it out for me Apollo, I didn't realize SOTW's voting changed since my absence :3 I'll remember that in the future
  25. xAaronx

    When do you watch Anime??

    Eh my time schedules always screwed up so I squeeze in anime I "MUST" watch whenever I get the chance, or whenever it gets uploaded to YT or a streaming place, sadly I don't get to watch it as much as I'd like to x.x