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  1. i think the problem is the region n language setting 4 your windows installer are default to thai. goto control panel->region and language, check there if there is anything about thai chg it back to your preferable language or region.... hope this can help~
  2. i use a free solution ~ no antivir (but i prefer Norton antivir) for me rather than depend on antivir we can find other way to ensure our pc safety study the registry(regedit 4 win) make a backup know about the malicious software~useful when attacked and many more ways hope anyone also can share ^^ i gladly want to learn from all of u...
  3. NVIDIA the best choice for graphic rendering if u working on animation apps like 3ds MAX, MAYA etc rather than ATI gpu, the common sense is ATI gpu designed 4 gaming usage...
  4. i'm surfing wif Chorome~coz of its stability but i'm working wif firefox coz it have various advantage over source code ~many sort of thing can be done huhuhu...
  5. for me i back-up my pc frequently so i never use any antivir~ coz i think my pc performance drop down when used it. But when it comes to what antivir best 4 pc i suggest Norton Antivirus coz get good exp with it. My old lappy never get to be formatted for 5 years till now~ doing greatly just update the antivir frequently...^^v
  6. huhuhu disaster with computer? got many exp with that~ since i always tried various way to overclock my pc. there also a time when my pc mainboard exploded...noted that my cooling system are no good 4 overclock... when it come to OS the worst are my com jammed during my pvp event so close to win it..anyway i lose ... ^^V
  7. ara~ i find kametsu on google lol so many of its post i found on google so i decided to join it... My top 5 anime r : 1. Gundam Series (I love mecha anime) 2. D.Gray-Man 3. Bleach 4. One Piece 5. MAR~Märchen Awakens Romance i enjoyed many games mostly on9 games : 1. Cabal - edy play this game for 3 years~ 2. Dragon NEST 3. Need for Speed 4. Split Second 5. The Last Remnant Some of my hobbies r sports (i play many kind of sports) i'do some graphics if i hav free time, graphics tools? so many~ lol if i hav to say something like adobe photoshop, etc ^^ anyways happy to be part of the community ~
  8. My fav track r ~ D.Gray-Man : Doubt n Trust by Access Gundam : Akatsuki no Kuruma by Fiction Junction Yuuka Gundam : Ignited by TM revolution Soul Eater : Resonance by TM revolution n many more ~
  9. joethehaze

    Favorite Anime

    me like Gundam series the most~
  10. joethehaze

    Top 5 Games

    1. Cabal - edy play this game for 3 years~ 2. Dragon NEST 3. Need for Speed 4. Split Second 5. The Last Remnant
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