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  1. Sir Sleeper

    Favorite Captain?

    Byakuya Kuchiki
  2. Sir Sleeper

    Naruto vs. Rock Lee

    naruto will win
  3. Sir Sleeper

    who is your fav Bleach character??

    urahara of course.
  4. Sir Sleeper


    hope we see his bankai in future
  5. Sir Sleeper

    Which fusion from DBZ was most powerful?

    SSj4 Gogeta
  6. Sir Sleeper

    30+ people watching Anime: Is it weird?

    No it is not i like anime
  7. Sir Sleeper

    Funniest anime?

    Naruto Bleach
  8. Sir Sleeper

    Favorite Anime

    Dragon ball Z
  9. Sir Sleeper

    Ichigo & Orihime or Ichigo & Rukia ?

    Ichigo & Orihime
  10. Sir Sleeper

    who is the most awesome character

    i would have to say toshiro hitsugaya.
  11. Sir Sleeper

    Will/Should Rukia achieve bankai?

    i hope she achieves bankai
  12. Sir Sleeper

    Which Final Fantasy would you want to be in?

    i would like to be in FF 13
  13. Sir Sleeper

    What Final Fantasy Do You Own?

    FF 9 FF10 FF10-2 FF12 FF13
  14. Sir Sleeper

    How Did You Get Into Final Fantasy?

    I started playing FF 9 a few years back and from there on i was hooked