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  1. Happy Birthday, Ma5k!!! :)

  2. Ma5K2

    Favorite RPG?

    My favorite rpg has to be Knights of the Old Republic. The second one was good too but not as memorable for me.
  3. hurr durr, i use that awesome vlc player. its the best..derp.. no i actually use windows media player (i like how it looks nice and clean) with the cccp codec pack.
  4. i ended up getting birth by sleep and crisis core, and i was pleasantly surprised by how awesomely fun it is. i was expecting crisis core to be like the other FF games and i never really cared for the turn based rpg's or even turn based strategy. but crisis core has almost the same game play as BBS and i am enjoying both of them. so thanks everyone for the great recommendations.
  5. i havent had to reinstall my os for years now since ive had 3 computers in the last 4(?, maybe 5) years so my computer never really needs it.
  6. i never used to buy anime because i had no money, so they werent losing any money from me. Now i have money so i actually buy stuff and i still download stuff. but the prices on most are a little high like others are saying but really they are not too bad. if you look at the HBO shows or any television shows on dvd, the prices are similar, if not higher. but i still only buy when they are cheaper on amazon.
  7. i really enjoy the music from Tropico 3.
  8. you can only get the welcome back stuff if you had an account prior to april 20th.
  9. I plan on purchasing a PSP in the next few days and was hoping to get some recommendations for good PSP games. Im looking for something that is a real time combat rpg (like the combat of the elder scrolls games), and if you dont know of any, just list any PSP game you think is really fun.
  10. Thank you much for Doctor Who!

  11. cowboy bebop never hooked me so i kind of just stopped watching it after 2 eps but i liked samurai champloo enough to watch it in 1 sitting.
  12. Xbox 360 Assassins Creed 2 Bad Co. 2 Bioshock 2 Condemned 2: Bloodshot Deathsmiles Endwar Fable 2 Fable 3 Fairytale Fights FEAR 2 Force Unleashed 2 Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Hero 3 Halo 3 Halo Reach Legendary Lord of the Rings:Conquest Mass Effect 2 Medal of Honor Mirror's Edge Modern Warfare 2 Ninety-Nine Nights Ninja Blade Prey Record of Agarest War Red Dead Redemption Stuntman Ignition The Last Remnant Tomb Raider Underworld Unreal Tournament 3 Zoids Assault PS3 Borderlands: GOTY Brutal Legend Call of Duty: Black Ops Call of Dury: Modern Warfare 2 Crysis 2 Demon's Souls Devil May Cry 4 Dragon Age 2 Enslaved Final Fantasy 13 God of War Collection( 1 & 2) God of War 3 Killzone 2 Killzone 3 L.A. Noire Mortal Kombat NBA 2K10 Portal 2 Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time Shaun White Skateboarding Elder Scrolls 4 + Shivering Isles Skate 2 White Knight Chronicles DS Children of Mana Dragon Quest 9 Final Fantasy 4 Ghost Trick Pokemon: Black Pokemon: Soul Silver The World Ends With You PC Crysis Crysis: Warhead Far Cry 2 Metro 2033 Settlers 7 Gold Edition Starcraft 2 Tropico 3 WarHammer 40k: Dawn of War 2: Gold Edition (plus about 20+ more games on Steam)
  13. watched rango. thought it was pretty good. i plan on going to see xmen first class tomorrow, that looks pretty good.
  14. this game is actually a lot of fun. i got it when it came out and havent played enough to do anything awesome yet but its still pretty cool.
  15. are you still interested in doctor who season 6? if so, i am downloading them now and will upload them soon. also, do you know how many are out for season 6 since ive only found episodes 1 through 5

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