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  1. I watch Anime because it like you are watching greet cartoons great art work but mature
  2. Beelzebub to me is the funniest
  3. Beelzebub is so different from Manga and anime
  4. I know this will be coming out in Jan 2012 But does anyone know where i can read the manga and get for my iPad 2
  5. I never got into Manga until Beelzebub its so funny yet it has Ecchi like but its not ecchi
  6. it depends on what superman. golden age superman was so powerful they say he could juggle planets that when they mad the modern with more weakness
  7. I just started watching i really enjoy it so far
  8. I love Comedy, Super powers, Demon ecchi
  9. I love this place I found out about my favorite Anime here "beelzebub" if i can do anything for my fellow anime head let me know
  10. I dont think its a decline I think everything is going digital Look at Blockbuster they are closing cause of please like netflix and etc
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