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    Figuring out a favorite is kind of difficult since i've seen so many...... the ones that are probably my favorites are Fate Stay Night, and Ruroni Kenshin since there really the first two shows that got me into watching anime.
  2. Emblem810

    what would you be

    Probably a Quincy, since I prefer ranged weapons, and even if it came to close range you have Seele Schnieder.
  3. Emblem810

    Strongest Lieutenant (Ikkaku is not a Lieutenant!!!)

    From what we've seen, Renji because he can use bankai. take that out of the equation and i'd say Yachiru because we have no idea what she's capable of, or Hisagi because he just seems stronger than the rest of them.
  4. I'd Say Byakuya wins this one. He's faster and has a zanpaktou that Kenpachi can't even block. Not to mention even if Kenpachi's super spirit pressure armor blocks senbonzakura he still has some pretty powerful Kidou to finish the job
  5. Emblem810

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Deadman Wonderland. it gets a 8.5, was good at the beginning then began to fall apart at the very end.
  6. Emblem810

    Who will win in a fight Death the Kid or Edward Elric

    If Kid can't stand Unsymmetrical things all ed has to do is make a room full of unsymmetrical items. either kid will breakdown into a comatose, or have to destroy everything unsymmetrical in the room leaving a chance for ed to finish the job.
  7. Emblem810

    Manga You're Currently Reading?

    Naruto Bleach Bakuman Beelzebub Reborn and Pokemon Adventures
  8. It depends, most of the time when they end a good anime, they come up with a bad ending which puts a sour taste in my mouth. For example, i liked Star Driver and thought it was pretty good. then they made the last episode and just kind of threw together an ending at the last second. now the show just leaves a bad taste in my mouth when people ask me if its good.
  9. Emblem810

    What was the first anime you ever watched

    Probably Ruroni Kenshin.
  10. The biggest letdown for me was probably Black Cat. i love the black cat opening, i listen to it in my car sometimes when there's nothing on the radio, but the show itself was just not that good. like the post above said, it was good for the like the first 4 or 5 episodes then went downhill from there.
  11. Emblem810


    i second that
  12. Emblem810

    Scariest Game

    I was talked into playing Amnesia the Dark Descent at 2 oclock at night with no lights on.... Worst decision i ever made. that game freaks you out when you tired
  13. Emblem810

    Which is very old game that you still play?

    Every once and awhile i'll Play Age of Empires with my friends on Lan. That or Diablo 2.
  14. Emblem810

    Who still has a ps2 or Nintendo 64

    I still have my ps2 and while i don't "own" an n64 anymore i work at a place that sells them still, so if its not busy I have my nostalgia moment of winning a mario kart race. or playing smash bros.