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  1. SomeDude21

    Opinions on Darker Than Black: Gemini of the Meteor

    True true. Hei not having a shave was kinda anoying and I did miss his powers.
  2. C2 has my vote, Kallen being a close second.
  3. SomeDude21

    which episode of any anime made you emotional???

    Code Geass R1 and R2, I could not watch the endings. Darker Than Black Season 2, that ending was really emotional for me!
  4. SomeDude21

    What popular anime do you not like and for what reason?

    Same, I could not bring myself to watch the endings! I loved the show itself though. As for what was asked, Naruto, Bleach, and DBZ. I did enjoy the original Dragonball however.
  5. SomeDude21

    What animes have you repeatedly watched?

    Death Note tops my list. I think I have watched it 5 times now? It is not my favorite anime but it is the one that got me into other anime!
  6. SomeDude21

    Favorite Anime

    In no certain order... Death Note Darker than Black: Season 2 FMA:B Guilty Crown And so much more, don't make me choose!
  7. SomeDude21

    What was the first anime you ever watched

    Digimon, does that count? The anime that got me hooked was Death Note.
  8. SomeDude21

    Opinions on Darker Than Black: Gemini of the Meteor

    Season 2 was better then the first IMO. The ending is amazing!
  9. As of right now I am currently watching FMAB and am considering Blue Exorcist.
  10. SomeDude21

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Over-rated?

    I am currently watching it and am not very far in (I am on episode 17) but so far I am LOVING it! I will admit, it is not the best and I do think it is over hyped but it is still a very enjoyable anime to watch!
  11. SomeDude21

    Anime DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates!

    Yay! I am so excited!! ^.^
  12. SomeDude21

    hi members of kametsu

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
  13. SomeDude21

    New Noob at Kametsu!

    Black Star is awesome! ^.^ My Favorite is Kid Death though, he is awesome!! My Hobbies are pretty much school, homework, studying, anime, and friends.. That is all I have time for! I found the forums though Google, I was looking for new anime when I came across this! How about you? What are your hobbies?
  14. SomeDude21

    Kingdom Hearts: Favorite Organization XIII Member?

    Roxas is the best imo. Loved playing him in KH2!
  15. SomeDude21

    Kametsu Khronicle #8

    Very Nice! It was a good read!