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  1. theWORD

    What is your favorite ps3 exclusive game

    Unchrated series as well, but god of war is amazing as well
  2. theWORD

    Most difficult final Bosses

    GoW3 Zeus... nuff said
  3. theWORD

    BF 3 vs. CoD MW 3?

    BF3 but CoD does have a much better campaign
  4. theWORD

    PS3 anyone?

    yup i got 1, exclusives on it are AMAZING!!!
  5. theWORD

    Favorite Zelda Game?

    Ocarania of Time is my favorite for now
  6. theWORD

    What gaming system do you have?

    PS3 PS2 PS1 N64 PSP GBA NDS Wii and last but not least a very sh!tty pc
  7. theWORD

    First Video Game

    Mario Kart 64 was my first
  8. theWORD

    Best Finished Anime You Have Ever Seen.

    try code geass and FMA brotherhood
  9. theWORD

    Strongest anime character

    goku hands down the strongest
  10. theWORD

    What animes have made you cry?

    mine would have to be the end of code geass dont know how to make those spoiler thingies... When Suzaku kills Lelouch to destroy the world and create a new
  11. theWORD

    Who still has a ps2 or Nintendo 64

    i still got a ps2 actually i got 3... i dont know why but i do now a N64 got 2 of them, they just collect dust
  12. theWORD

    MW3 vs BF3

    BF3 for me, already got it too i will get MW3 for christmas just to see if there are any major differences between past installments (dont want a new MW2)
  13. i suggest god of war series, and killzone series
  14. theWORD

    Who still has a ps2 or Nintendo 64

    lets see i have a 2 playstation2s, Ps3, Gamecube, Wii, 2 Nintendo 64s. i have no idea why i have 2 of the exact same systems i dont even use them anymore-well one of the playstation2s