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  1. There a scam going around just wanted to let people no about , Its not to hard to get rid of the fastest way is to go to safe mod on your computer an restore to a earlier save point here's a pic of it just remember this is a scam. There are a few web site out there that can walk you though it. Hope this helps
  2. I have about 400gb of anime stored that I would be willing to share.
  3. The best addon is Ant Video Downloader
  4. Hey Koby Sorry to here your having a hard time. I would be willing to help. I do have some experience working with web site. I have put to gather several web sites using Joomla and I have work with Wordpress. Contact me
  5. But your not looking at the big picture by building it your self when it comes time to upgrade you only have to buy a piece at a time an still have a computer that worth talking about. You may spend a little more up front. But I think it worth it in the long run.
  6. One of the best computer is one that you build your self. Just remember if you go this route make sure you get a top motherbroad most every thing else is a easy upgrade.
  7. It would be Taekwondo with a little bit of kung fu mixed in
  8. If you are looking for a good book you have to read Robert Jordan Wheel of time. This is one of the best i've read
  9. The Wheel of Time by LEGEND/GT INTERACTIVE is still a good game
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