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  1. How many people here play DCUO ( DC Universe Online ) for ps3 or PC? my self i play ps3 one!
  2. what does every one think of ichigos new look in the manga. in banki. I think he looks much better and his sword looks crazy.
  3. atari 2700 asteroid ---- sega master system Zillion ---- the super mario bros and duck hunt on NES in that order too man im old hahahaha. my 1st rpg was dragonwarrior.
  4. Game stop and craigslist pawnshops and gametrade. some times if you look at ads you can find good deals at target.
  5. heck you can lv up super easy just tape the stick over to a wall in the game and tape down the x button and bam you just walk a way and hours later you lv up and have tons of money hahahaha
  6. does any one know about the Hebrew channel for the wii and how well it works. maybe some one post some good info that i may not ben able to find. thanks
  7. well no real news has said that a star ocean 5 is coming out but it would be nice since i am a huge fan of the story. and that video makes it seem there vary well could be but its just a demo as far as i can tell. you do a Google Search you wont find much.
  8. well when final fantasy 7 came out i played for 22 hours before i stoped. but now i play about 2 hours a day.
  9. my bad i did not realize i was doing so. i slow up some

  10. Your kind of going around spamming slow down.

  11. i played this game is a lot of fun. more hack and slash.
  12. wow i have a few but i would have to say Xenogears on ps1.
  13. Well flyff eden eternal goonzu pirus ether saga zodiac online. battle of imortals
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