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  1. usagibunny

    What Final Fantasy Do You Own?

    i got ff ff4 after years psp ff 5 and 6 ps1 ff 7 ff7 cc psp 8 9 ps1 ff 10 ans 10 2 ps2 ff 12 ps2 ff 13 and soon ff 13 2 for ps3
  2. usagibunny

    How Did You Get Into Final Fantasy?

    i got into ff 7 when i played at my godfathers a very long time ago now i have ff 4 to 13
  3. usagibunny

    Final Fantasy XIII-3 Hmmm...

    yea i hope not i rather have them work on remaking ff 7
  4. usagibunny

    What was the first anime you ever watched

    sailormoon was my first anime . i loved it as a kid
  5. usagibunny

    Who does naruto end up ?

    i think it will be sakura and naruto and for hinata i think kiba likes her
  6. usagibunny

    Why is One piece so popular

    oh god i love one piece even got a ace figure witch i paid 100 bucks for but its worth it .the animation i think is really awesome. it did not take me long to get hooked. i personally like it better then bleach and naruto. bleach comes second . this anime is well worth the watch as it never gets boring. heck it even makes you cry over a boat.
  7. usagibunny

    YAN (Yet Another Newbie)

    hey welcome . anime is fun to watch lol
  8. usagibunny

    Hi guys..another newbie reporting !!

    welcome and have lots of fun
  9. usagibunny

    Hi All!

    welcome and have fun
  10. usagibunny


    yea welcome have fun
  11. usagibunny


    hey welcome.
  12. usagibunny


    hmm favoite i have so many lol but i love one piece. i also love dot hack sign . favorite game jak and daxter i love that series
  13. lol never thought of that . but i did think he looks alot like harlock from caption harlock
  14. usagibunny

    Favorite FF Character & Why

    id have to say zack many because hes the man plus hes hot . he never gives up and fights to the end . it use to be zidane hes just cool .
  15. usagibunny

    FF X-2. Was it really THAT bad?

    it wasnt a bad game even though im stuck on it . funny thing is i played x 2 before x i got stuck halfway then got x and im stuck on that lol