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  1. setsunaxii

    Favorite Character [Anime]

    ...A simple question but hard to answer.... :S well.....i guess the answer would be Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed Destiny and Sasuke from Shippuden
  2. setsunaxii

    Favorite Pokémon Movie

    Pokemon the first movie, the 1st gen pokemon man, i can remember when i saw the trailer on tv for it....hahahaha i was like "oh wow! wow! pokemon pokemon!" HAHAHAHAHA
  3. setsunaxii

    Favorite Anime Game

    Gundam Seed Destiny Omni VS Zaft II plus, cant get enough of gundam xD
  4. setsunaxii

    Where Do You Purchase Your Video Games?

    well....if its a game i cant find at EB Games then i use Ebay or Amazon
  5. setsunaxii

    Which is very old game that you still play?

    i still play the Megaman series such as Megaman x4 and the Bloody Roar games i love them
  6. setsunaxii

    Best Anime Soundtrack

    well....depends actually on what i feel like....but i would have to say the Bleach - Senna violin sound track
  7. setsunaxii

    The best anime thats been turned into video games

    Pokemon man! its been out for how long...and its probably gonna continue! Pokemon! pokemon!
  8. setsunaxii

    What MP3 Player Do You Have?

    i got the ipod nano, im surprised that it still work perfectly after dropping it a few...dozen times...oh wells if it still works it means i dont have to waste my money buying a new one hahahaha
  9. setsunaxii

    Favorite Anime Movie!

    oh that's easy, Gundam 00!!....and probably the Bleach movies hahahaha
  10. setsunaxii

    Who is a stronger shinobi... Sasuke or Naruto?

    There both great but i want Sasuke to win, the sharingan!
  11. i would say Ichigo cause of his bankai, getsuga and hollow powers but i say this cause i like bleach a little bit more than Naruto...
  12. setsunaxii

    Who still has a ps2 or Nintendo 64

    i still got my PS2! and my....N64 is somewhere....in the garage LOLS
  13. currently watching....GUNDAM SEED DESTINY!! for the fifth time
  14. setsunaxii


    Hey there! Welcome! Have fun here and remember to keep smiling!
  15. well....probably Tobi and Itachi but now just Tobi!! <3