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  1. new news for the upcoming TGS! new line up including Kingdom Hearts 3DS http://www.qj.net/nintendo-3ds/news/square-enix-unveils-tgs-2011-lineup.html
  2. im sorry to disagree with you but i disssagree with the fact that you say that cc and lelouch will become romantically involved. i believed that lelouch really "loved" shirley, but unfortunately she is dead. which leaves kallen. i hate to even say it but we will see how it turns out in the "next season". http://kametsu.com/2011-08-29/amazon-lists-code-geass-gaiden-dvd-for-november/
  3. just in writing this i know it is gonna sound lame, but here it is anyway. naruto is a stronger ninja because of his likableness. because he has friends it puts the fire of friendship in his heart. he fights for those he cares about, and who care about him. sasuke lacks this vital element, and although is a good fighter himself, he would lose in a fight with naruto.
  4. VENTUS is the best, and not to post spoilers, for those of yo who havent played bbs, but without ven, sora wouldent be wielding a keyblade, plus soras light is not his own it is vens, which is why roxas dosent look like sora, he looks like ven. enough rant VEN=FTW
  5. Final Fantasy 1 [PSP] Final Fantasy 2 [PSP] Final Fantasy 4 Complete Collection [PSP] Final Fantasy 5 [PSP] Final Fantasy 6 [PSP] Final Fantasy 7 [PSP] Final Fantasy 8 [PSP] Final Fantasy 9 [PSP] Final Fantasy 10 [PS2] Final Fantasy 12 [PS2] Final Fantasy 13: Type-0 demo [PSP]
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    im new here, bt i love anime and games, im sure ill fit right in!
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