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  1. What software do you recommend for stream capture of funimation and chruchyroll. I have one for Netflix but haven't been able to get it to work well for these two sites.
  2. Whats the best program out there to capture streaming from funimation without being a tech.
  3. Sometimes I get a really good video file that's not dual audio. I also get a poor video file with good audio. I use mkv merge to add the eng. audio to the good file but a lot of times they are slightly out of sink. How do you fix that.
  4. garyaburdick

    Highschool of the Dead season 2

    Actually it was announced in 2012 that a season 2 was going to happen, but no release date was stated. I don't remember the event it was announced at but there is a video with the producer and director stating that a season 2 would eventually happen.
  5. garyaburdick

    whats the oldest anime you have?

    astro boy 1966 and price planet. ya I'm old enough to have watched them when they first came out on black and white tv
  6. garyaburdick


    I tried to install xchat on my win 7 32 bit system and it wont run. Stating its not a 32 bit application what is a good irc to use on a 32 bit system with win 7
  7. garyaburdick

    IRC tutorial for downloading from XDCC bots

    I'm really new at using bots. I downloaded xchat and its running. I thied to get bots to work on eng dub kingdom. When i start the search in xchat all ai get is unknown host maybe you misspelled it. Is there something I'm doing wromg.
  8. garyaburdick

    Freezing the Anime?

    I have the dual audio on back order. Release date is 8/28.
  9. garyaburdick

    Who still has a ps2 or Nintendo 64

    I got ya beat I have a ps 1 , ps 2, sege genesis (in working condition, love playing shining force) and an original atari system. God it make me feel old. I must have over 150 games.
  10. garyaburdick

    Mashiro-Iro Symphony

    Color of lovers is a basic high school harem anime. I has some nice storylines and it could have been pushed into a couple of more episodes. I think a season 2 may happen because the ratings werent bad and the manga is still going.
  11. garyaburdick


    I really enjoyed this anime, but they ended it two early it needed a few more episodes at the end. Looking forward to a season 2 for this. I think it earned one and the manga is going well
  12. garyaburdick

    Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!!

    I watched this through and through. I thought it was ok, it needed something I dont know what just some kind of closure that is of unless there's a season 2 and i'm not sure their will be one.
  13. garyaburdick

    Shakugan no Shana III

    The 1st and 2nd season were great. Though I never really figured out why juji left this world at the end. Season 3 is a bit difficult to follow at times maybe it will get better.
  14. garyaburdick


    First anime Iv'e ever seen featuring food. The 1st season was great. I enjoyed the romantic climate at times, but of course nothing ever happens. I would make a great twist if freak and one of the girls got together. Looking foreward to a season 2
  15. garyaburdick


    I watch this show over and over and have read all the manga. They do a great job creating subplots in both the manga and anime. Cant wail for season 3.