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  1. Or else things would become far too easy lol. I think XI will be around for a while yet. They'll prob merge again when 14 comes out and a lot of the playerbase goes over to that
  2. They're merging some servers this month. They're not going to scrap ffxi for a while yet, they're releasing 3 new add ons called Abyssea and raising the level cap to 99 eventually (It's 75 at the moment)
  3. Who here plays? What server are you on? What Race and jobs do you have maxed out? I've been playing for over 3 years now. I'm a tarutaru on Caitsith named Crumpet with White mage, Dark knight, Summoner, Ninja and Bard maxed out with ranged getting closed
  4. I go for easy achievements. I have nearly 13k gamerscore now. :3
  5. Fayt

    2 Years

    I've been on FM for longer then 2 years. And I'm glad that it's still going today. Well done people of FM ^^
  6. Fayt

    Popping in. :D

    Good to hear you're ok ^^ I myself have been hooked on ffxi for 2 years. @.@
  7. Fayt

    Popping in. :D

    Hey Koby. Long time no see. How things have changed. What happened to FM?
  8. Fayt


    Yeah. I used to moderate their too. Fayt / Cloud-Zero
  9. Fayt


    Thank you for your welcomes I don't know if you know me. I was Fayt / Fayt-Sama on the old FM I had another account on here which I forgot about. Please delete it (Fayt-Sama)
  10. Fayt


    I'm Fayt. I used to moderate at this forum. But due to a fallout with Koby a while ago I have been absent from these forums. I hope to be active once again
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