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  1. I dont know. I dont play online games on PC's that much.
  2. Riku


    I joined SI for it to be active but it went dead. I am the new Riku from there. Nice to meet you and I can try to answer any of your Kingdom Heart questions if you have any.
  3. One more reason why I never cared to even try to even get the game.
  4. Riku

    I am back

    I welcome you here. Make sure to come to me for all your Kingdom Heart questions and I will try to answer them.
  5. Riku


    I am Riku. I am not the Riku from SI. Nice to meet you. I can try to answer all your Kingdom Heart questions for you so just ask if you have a question about it.
  6. Riku


    Hey! I am friendly Koby I am Riku. I can be the one to ask about Kingdom Heart questions if you have any and I will answer them to the best of my abilities.
  7. Having more then one ending does make me want to play the game again. That is the reason why I sometimes spend a longer time on games like Final Fantasy to make sure I get everything. Now I do get annoyed if the ending is not very intresting.
  8. I still have to play the game. The gunblade idea was unique to me thou.
  9. Ok then I will have to quote it then. Here it goes. I will just quote what I am talking about. "You really put Organization XIII in a pickle. I guess that must be why the Keyblade chose you. But MAN, did it pick a dud this time. You dont look like half the hero the others were." That ends the quote.
  10. It would be easier if you listened to it yourself. Just before you fight him he talks about it.
  11. I wonder with what Xigbar said in Kingdom Hearts II is going to affect the thrid game? What did he know? I wish I could ask more but I am not sure what else to ask on this.
  12. Well I welcome you here even thou I dont know anything about Photoshop that much. I can try to help you with any Kingdom Hearts question thou.
  13. More then likly if it has to do with Kingdom Hearts then I like it. I like them. Doesnt seem plain to me. With the rain as an added effect I see.
  14. I think alot of the stupid things we do is because we dont want to use our common sense. That means we are lazy.
  15. A person is smart but people are dumb. Something about money seems to change alot of people and we are a greedy bunch. For some reason we seem to respond better to destruction then peace and harmony. I have no idea why we as humans act the way we do.
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