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  1. Waiting on it to come in off of Amazon. Though I'm stacked high with games to play, I needed to own it.
  2. RAGE on PS3. And it's complete shit. haha
  3. Um...how come I have never heard of this? lol If they can handle MKV's with all the options, I must buy one ASAP. Sorry to interfere here Koby, I myself use an eMachines piece that I was given by a friend who owed me money, and it's been fantastic (they're oddly reliable...) since I use it just to mainly watch videos on my TV.
  4. Hard-copies always. I don't see the point in not buying something you really enjoy. I mean, hell, I'm such an analog heart that I still buy and collect vinyls if I can, as I prefer the masters there over the digital files on discs.
  5. Gamestop or Amazon. Depends on what's going on at each with sales and stuff. Gamestop gets a bad rep, but I love the local store I deal with and the cats that work there are true fans. Except for the one guy yesterday who didn't want to admit Dead Island was "broken" because a customer was trying to buy it, while the MANAGER was telling the customer to honestly wait until it's been patched. lol Amazon is pretty sweet normally though.
  6. It may have to do with nostalgia, but I'd say Argento Soma. I just loved the characters, and Ryu Soma is still one of my favorite characters in any media ever.
  7. Errrr. This is a question that I don't even know if I can answer fairly. I'm a HUGE survival horror nut. I would happily say I enjoy the stories of Silent Hill more than anything out of Resident Evil, but I think the REmake is easily the best Resident Evil game (no, RE4 and 5 aren't RE games by definition). Silent Hill 2 though (and 3 even) are better stories, but REmake, RE2, and Code Veronica are just FUN. Resident Evil gets a wishy washy vote from me here.
  8. I love the Princess Bride. The comedy has held up well enough that I enjoy it more than 95% of current comedies. Also worth note is that I don't like a lot of fantasy stuff outside of literature. lol
  9. I loved the manga before they picked up the card game exclusively. It was amazing and dark.
  10. Picked up Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars used at Gamestop to trophy hunt this weekend. Don't plan on keeping it though, though it's adorable. lol
  11. Vash the Stampede? lol No seriously, I'd go with Spike Spiegel.
  12. I always had a hard time thinking about this, so I always broke it down: Monster: Disc Commander/Dark Armed Dragon/Light and Darkness Dragon Spell: Destiny Draw Trap: Crush Card Virus
  13. Just finished Neon Genesis Evangelion. And my head hurts.
  14. Neon Genesis Evangelion = %#&$!@#$#$^&**!?!?!?!?! There is no other way to say it: Neon Genesis Evangelion is fucked up. I have never experienced anything quite like it in terms of animation (or television for that matter). From the story's religious connotations, to the unique concepts behind the EVA's, to the sheer emotional instability of the cast; the show is, all-in-all, a trainwreck. And we all love trainwrecks don't we?. So this is my trainwreck of a review, coming out of the trainwreck that is Evangelion. Neon Genesis Evangelion was released in the mid-90's by GAINAX in Japan, and the series was localized in the US by ADV, while the movies were adapted by Manga Entertainment. The series' primary protagonist is Shinji Ikari, a reluctant teen who becomes the pilot of one of the several giant robots known as EVAs. NERV, the creators of the EVAs, have been given the mission of eliminating the beings known as Angels, who threaten the existance of life on our planet. Together with Rei and Asuka, Shinji must combat all 17 Angels to stop the Third Impact, which would trigger the end of the world. Within the simplicity of this story, lies more intracacies than any single piece of fiction I can recall within the past 20 years. To even further describe it would possibly take away from your experience watching it. Trust me, it's deep. I'm a fan of robot anime, obviously, so I really dig the mechas, and their estetics. At the time, the designs of the EVAs were unique, but of course since 1995, we've seen many shows borrow from the sleek and slim style innovated (somewhat) by Evangelion. Also worth note here is the action. The action in this series feels riveting, despite the fact that none of the battles are spectacular and amazing visual pieces. In the end, it's the direction of the series that gives everything it's creedence. Anno's work visually blows my mind, with his intense attention to detail and ability to challenge the viewer's own ways of thinking. Another thing I love about the series is it's approach to characterization. While I would happily put Shinji Ikari as my number one least favorite character ever, I can't deny the superb handling of the characters themselves. Shinji, despite his annoying nature, is a fully developed person, which is rare in even modern anime (or television). He has his flaws, and each concern he may have has merit. Every character has a reason, or a question, or an insecurity, and they all feel real. That's huge, and a big plus for me personally. Lastly, I dug the use of Religious iconography (mostly Judeo-Christian stuff, though other religions were referenced) in the efforts to create this unique, yet soft, sci-fi world. Most of what I could discuss here would be spoilers, but let's just say that nothing is ever what it seems in this universe. I must admit, and here's where I might get a little spoilery, that the last two episodes caused my head to hurt. That feeling? Yeah, that's called a mindfuck. I admittedly got mindfucked. It's hard to dis-certain if the "ending" actually even happened. Its hard to tell if the victory that was found was even real. I can understand why fans were pissed off too. But truthfully, I believe if you know and expect a mindfuck coming into this show (along with the fact that The End of Evangelion is the true ending), you might take a lot away from it, and that's the only reason I mention it. It provokes thought. Neon Genesis Evangelion, truthfully, deserves a diagram. Like one of those "this is your brain; and this is your brain on Evangelion". You should never be the same after watching this show. Evangelion is about being alone, feeling alone, and coming to terms with that loneliness. Sadly, Evangelion, in hindsight, can be some-what flawed. While there are no plot holes found during your initial viewing, the more you meditate on the series and how it presents itself, the easier it is to find your own issues with the show. Pay attention to the wording there, as I believe most of the issues found in the show's story are strictly attributed to the viewer and their own individual opinions and thoughts. I'm sure that's how it was intended to be. If you closely scrutinize, you will find flaws, mostly due to your perception of the story, and possibly yours alone. The one thing you can accept about Evangelion is that there are no absolute ways to find a logical conclusion. The show, and the concepts and ideas it contains, are free to interpretation. From the Judeo-Christian ideology, to the commentaries on existence and individuality, each and every detail can be debated, deciphered, and broken down for years to come, with no discernable "correct" conclusion. That's the beauty of the Evangelion story, and that's why for as long as I live, it will be a topic of conversation between myself and friends who have experienced it. Animation: 8.5 – Despite being 1995, the animation is fluid and gorgeous. Characters: 8.5 – Everyone is interesting, even if they aren't likable. Music: 7.0 – The most lacking part of the series for me. Score = blah, but fitting. Story: 10.0 – One of the most unique shows I've ever seen. Lasting Appeal: 9.0 – Everyone should see this at one point during their life. Overall: 9.0 = GREAT
  15. If you haven't seen Cowboy Bebop you probably should. I feel it's one of the greatest animated shows of all time.
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