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  1. I second two of your picks, Assassin's Creed movies would be completely do-able and amazing! But I'm a scary movie nut and would kill to see a Dead Space movie, that have me changing my underwear a few times I would hope!
  2. I have no clue why, but I love the soundtracks to the Assassin's Creed games! They have a modern renaissance sound. I highly suggest any of the three they have out!
  3. saw some people mention paying them pre-orders off... here's a little tip that helps me free up cash... I use amazon to pre-order, 99% of the time they offer release day delivery, so you get it the day it comes out and you don't get charged 1 cent until the game ships, so keep that cash till release day, then pay it off all at once...helps free up a little bit of cash
  4. For windows users out there I believe there is no better option than Google Chrome! Its extremely customize-able with extensions. This includes the IE extension which converts any webpage into an internet explorer view so its almost like two browsers in one! Not to mention it's ultra fast and now allows syncing between computers if your logged into your Goolge account
  5. I'll be pre-ordering this one! Thanks for the post, I haven't seen game-play footage yet... Even though the games are repetitive I still have to get it!
  6. Tons of big releases for all consoles are coming up pretty fast now! I want to know which ones you guys plan on pre-ordering and why... Here's a link with many of the names just as an FYI... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Upcoming_video_games_scheduled_for_2011 I only own a 360 so my list is all pertaining to that console: 1) Assassin's Creed: Revelations: Why? Because I'm an Assassin's Creed FREAK! I love the story line and the game-play. If you haven't tried this game yet then you need to! Just a heads up, the first Assassin's Creed's game-play was a bit repetitive, but the rest of the games will blow you away. 2) Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi: Why? Again, I'm a FREAK for this.... I love this anime series, and the games are always fun. It's just a must for me 3) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Why? Well I travel around for my personal site which contracts out to MLG (Major League Gaming) professional players to sponsor. So we sponsor these young'ins and they promote our site! I won't throw the link up here cause that's kind of cheesy if you ask me... but I love running around blasting away with the COD series, and I'm not half bad either! 4) Dead Island: Why? ZOMBIES! You have to love a good zombie game, and with this one having some RPG elements built in I believe it will have a refreshing taste of that the zombie world may need! 5) Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Why? Once again, ZOMBIES! Except this time I'm the bad-guy trying to cover everything up....not save the world! And maybe call in a Nemesis or two So that's my list so far! What do you guys plan on buying or are at least looking forward to seeing come out? Again this is for all consoles!
  7. Hey guys, first off I'm still new here. I'm looking for some new stuff to keep me entertained! Currently I love watching all Dragon Ball stuff and Cowboy Bebop. I love playing the DBZ games although I only have a 360 so that limits me. Any recommendations for either new anime or games that would fall into my category?
  8. I must say I have the Motorola Xoom with Android Honeycomb OS... its simply amazing! Don't get me wrong it still needs more apps to compete full on with Apple's tablet, but seriously any tablet with Google's Honeycomb WILL pass all other products in the near future!
  9. I've become a great master of Rainmeter!
  10. woo! gotta love when you find out how you'll spend your fall TV hours! Wish they were releasing more revamped DBZ though!
  11. REM4606


    great to have another new face on the forums! now please do share these secret services you use!! haha
  12. Hey there, I've been a huge fan of Dragon Ball (all of their series) I highly recommend you check it out! Hope you find more great anime goodness!
  13. REM4606


    I'm new here as well, would love to see some of the drawings if you ever upload them! I was never blessed with that kind of talent, but I can certainly appreciate it!
  14. hey and welcome to the forums. if you need help, ask around at the CB or the staff. we'll do our best to help out.

  15. +1 for continuing the anime love through generations! hope your kids enjoy it just as much as you and everyone else here does!
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