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    Hi, there. I was on the Cartoon world forums. I've been gone for a while and now I'm back lol.
  2. Bradders


    I still like to watch the anime from ime to time, though the 1st series and the Jhoto League series are by far the best.
  3. I couldn't say really, but I'd guess between 1000 and 2000. I have a mate who usually buys a box of boosters when the new ones come out so he probably has about 5000-6000 easily
  4. I really can't wait for ME3 to come out. The chance to explore Earth (from what I've read) to another epic space shooter/rpg. It ME is one of this gens best series imo.
  5. I never completed 13. I got stuck on it, and got really bored of it. I felt nothing for the characters or the story and the complete lack of exploaration really put me off the game.
  6. well FF8 was the first FF I played and it is still my favorite as I enjoyed the story so much. For me it's still one of the best FF stories so far.
  7. I would love to see a remake of VII and VIII, though for me they would have to sort out the magic system in VIII
  8. Bradders


    For me, my favorite was Gold/Heart Gold plenty of Pokemon to catch and 16 gyms to defeat gave it longevity for me.
  9. still haven't completed it, but it's way too linear
  10. god i hope so, really don't want to buy a ps3
  11. Yu-gi-oh 5DS Ghost in the Shell SAC Digimon Adventure (Again lol)
  12. definitely Black Blood Brothers, it needs a second series.
  13. it'll be my first and most likely only pre-order and thats WWE 12... and I'm only doing it for The Rock dlc XD
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