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  1. Does anyone know if they will take it up and make more episodes at some point?
  2. hey he cant have her! shes mine hehe no i only got 1 thing to say..... Let it unfold soon!
  3. i think the sending time (around 30 mins) are okay but they should make the anime series longer
  4. hell if its up to me they keep the generations comming till the day i die
  5. you gotta make sure what kind of anime genre you like to see then go for a look on what animes that forfill that
  6. i dont think .Hack is an mmorpg game thats made:p but i would say i would like alot of animes to become mmorpg's
  7. i think its best whit subs. but i love the fact of seeing it the second time around in dub
  8. henningt


    i realy hope they will air bleach again soon whit some new plot or just something
  9. Whit out a doubt Hinata... she could rock me all over any day
  10. I was wondering if anyone would be so kind and make a light side Star Wars signature for me? I dont realy have the knowledge to how they are made but would love one for my profile. if its posible to use this image that would be great http://pcgamespreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/star-wars-the-old-republic-heroes-classes-640x480.jpg I would't mind if there could be a text that stated: Through the force you can see the light
  11. I would have to say Warhamme online, but i must state that Swtor probaly are gonna take my haert when it comes out. The work they have putted into it is just extrodenary!
  12. What are peoples oppinion on this serie? Do you think it corprohence whit the storyline and "the way of the Jedi and sith"?
  13. henningt

    :) hello

    Hi everyone I just so happened to find this website, finaly all the anime i can dream of ill be sure to seed for you all
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