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  1. Bakura427

    What is a good anime with magic in it

    Sorry I didn't clarify. The magic I am looking for is like sorcery, or like the magic in Harry Potter. It doesn't matter. Thank you to all those who replied, it is a great help.
  2. No problem, let me know if you need help ^.^

  3. Try to look for a good anime with magic in it for my new AMV. Please help me.
  4. Bakura427

    Favortie British TV Show

    I like Merlin
  5. Who will win in a fight, Death the Kid or Edward Elric, if they they were both pissed of. I go for Kid.
  6. Sorry I am new to this, I will stop posting anime threads in the seed hallway

  7. please stop posting anime threads in the seed hallway, final warning

  8. Bakura427

    do you believe aliens created us

    I do not believe aliens created us. Sorry, it is plain wierd
  9. Bakura427

    Who should have Yuki Cross

    I can't decide who should be with Yuki in Vampire Knight. Kaname or Zero
  10. Bakura427

    Who should be with Lelouch

    In Code Geass there are three girls who like Lelouch, it is obvious that Lelouch will be with C2, but do you think Lelouch should be with, Collen, Shirley, or C2.
  11. Bakura427

    Anime with the worst ending.

    I think Soul Eater's was the anime with the worst ending. But also Princess tutu's ending was very sad and I don't like it at all.
  12. Bakura427

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I am currently playing Lego Star Wars.
  13. Bakura427

    I am new

    Yep I am a Yugioh Fan. it is cool. I have tons of cards.
  14. Bakura427

    Favorite Anime Movie!

    I would have to say Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite anime movie
  15. Bakura427

    I am new

    Thank you so much!