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  1. I agree gundam 00 is by far the best
  2. I just bought a LG-c310 cell phone but im having trouble connecting it to my pc,ive use all the LG pc Suites and it does connect my phone to the pc but when i try and load music onto it,it says conection lost,check ur com ports, anybody have a phone like this that can help me out or advise that i can try to get it to work
  3. Well i use torrents alot except for movie cuz they track those these days but i have a 60gb line and i cap my line just about every month and havnt gotten any warnings so far
  4. thx guys but i replaced my front case fan with a bigger one and now the card is runing at 55 when gaming,so im pretty happy about that
  5. Ok so heres the thing,I have an AMD Phenom 2 x2 550 black edition cpu with a Asus M4A87TD Evo motherboard (which i just bought) and it has a Core unlocker switch on it.When i put the switch on it boosts my Cpu from a x2 to a x4 core but my pc only runs for a few minst then suddenly it just turns off, can anybody who knows of these types of things help me out besides my pc is suppose to run at 3100mhz but its only running at 800mhz but when the cores are unlocked it reaches 3100mhz
  6. lol nvidia never but yeah it has overdrive and thats where i saw the tempreture and fan speed but its all set on auto now and dont really want to muck about with it since i dont understand any of it,so 70 is ok then?
  7. i have 2 big case fans and 1 small one but this card runs at 70 degrees when i play games but cools down to 41 when it idles and the card itself has a big fan on it,its just insane how hot it gets
  8. I Just bought a ati sapphire HD 6870 graphics card but the dam thing becomes so hot that u cant even touch it.Now i dont know wether this is normal for this card or not but that seems to me that its running way to hot for only 3 mins worth of gaming anybody have any ideas to how i can keep this card cool or maybe som adjustment that i can make to help with this
  9. awsome thx for the help,il play witht his a bit and see if i can get it working the way i want it 2 alright i got it sort of figured out,i use MPC with the ms + and - right and i needed +2040ms to get my synce right,but now the audio playes the first say 10 mins and after that it just stops even though the video is still playing.so how do i put that +2040 ms in mkvmerge in the correct way and how do i fix the audio that stops playing for no reason? Ok scratch the 2040ms,i got my audio synce perfectly but still having the english audio stopping a few mins after it starts playing
  10. 2 x 80gb western digital hdd 1 x 320gb western digital hdd 1 x 2tb western digital external hdd 1 x 600gb western digital external hdd lol WD HDD FTW
  11. i got the audio file but when i mixed it in with the other mkv that i wanted it to,my audio synce is off completely,anyway i can adjust this?
  12. i downloaded canopus procoder 2 but it doesnt read mkv files,is this the encoder u were talking about?
  13. Im new with encoding files and how the audio files work,ive been playing around trying to learn how it is done but still n noob with this,i just want to find out which programs works the best for encoding video file to any format (mkv,avi,ect) and how u can extract audio files from mkv to use on other encodes
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