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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Haven't watched any anime recently.... I might watch Gin Tama though.
  3. Forum Name: Intoanime Forum Url: http://intoanime.com Genre: General Anime Total Posts: 2... we just started back up! Total Members: 2 again, for the same reason xD Unique Visitors Daily: 1389 according to AWstats
  4. What do you think? Feel free to ask me for one if you like them.
  5. Here's how this works: One person asks you a question. You awnser back and ask a question similar to that one. I'll start. What is your favorite anime?
  6. Going on a long car trip... won't have internet. What should I watch? Animes I like: Bleach Code Geass Samurai 7 Naruto One Piece Full Metal Alchemist
  7. Even though it is an invasion of privacy, I think people should have common sense when it comes to posting things to the net. Like you said, jobs check the internet about you and try to find any incriminating evidence not to hire you/fire you.
  8. It kinda works. Really it is a gimmick because game developers have ran out of ideas for consoles IMO.
  9. I TOLD YOU NOT TO POST. D= JK. Thanks for the welcome anyways.
  10. That boring place where you fly over AKA Indiana, USA.
  11. Just saying hi to everyone. Hi. My username is Mtld5 (i'll tell the story behind it later on). I'm new here. I'm also uninteresting. Average. Anyways, the username is a result of me randomly hitting the keyboard and mtld5 came up. ~Mtld5
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