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  1. One of the few series I've dropped. Was a chore just sitting through it.
  2. I've heard him on several series, but the only one I can recall with him was FMA. I can't stand his voice though.
  3. Oh damn I completely forgot about this series until I saw the thread title.
  4. Took them long enough to release Sekirei.
  5. Yeah dxd wasn't bad. Need to watch Another. Aside from that there aren't any other series on that list that interest me.
  6. The original Silent Hill, now that shit was scary.
  7. Crystal was the best.
  8. I thought it was good until the later episodes. Got stale at that point. Also thought it was really damn lame how the last fight wasn't shown. All that build up for nothing.
  9. I've also been wanting to check this series out. Keep pushing it back and forgetting about it. Will try to get around to it this week.
  10. Sekirei, Demon King and Rosario Vampire. Demon King and Rosario were hilarious. High School dxd was alright. Needed more of Akeno.
  11. They're the only two games I would play if I had a Wii. Still not going to buy one though.
  12. Online community is still big. Can find rooms instantly and my rooms fills up just as fast. This fighter will hold me over until VF Final Showdown and DOA5. Waiting on both of those.
  13. The thing is, Im an idiot. When it comes to computers, and all this sub/encoding business I know absolutely nothing. This is what I downloaded. http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?t=14609 Although I have also been thinking the problem is with my dvd player, in which case there's nothing that can be done.
  14. I burned a subbed series and all the subtitles and text are just fine when I play them on my computer, but after burning them on dvd, the subtitles are all bunched together, I get error messages or they won't appear at all in some places. I always use convertxtodvd for mkv files and have had no problems in the past with subbed series. Anyone know what's the problem?
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