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  1. Whitebeards title was....The Strongest Man In The World and he was Gol D. Rogers Rival...not beneath him...they were rivals...I think Whitebeard in his 50s was probably the strongest.
  2. Weeddragon

    One Piece

    The Sanji one was hilarious, its funny that one piece came out first but is nowhere near done, but Naruto is getting close to ending now.
  3. I don't know...Naruto isn't really one of those series, maybe like a...GT thing when they skip 35 years in the future and Naruto has two sons and the one turns evil and the other trys to save him maybe, not trying to completely copy the plotline of naruto, but maybe a more futuristic Naruto series
  4. One Piece has peaks where it gets really good the first parts are a little dull...i don't know exactly how to do this so.... (SPOILER) When they Fight Arlong it goes up When they get chopper its A little Boring When they Protect Alabasta it goes back up Sky Island is the most boring Arc IMO Then We get to The saving Robin Arc Where it gets REALLLY good Then they get Brook and well....Idk....Its good but only at the end...The beginning is so dull and i felt like Oda just wanted weird looking villians Then we Go to Sabondy...which is more interesting, but then all of them get seperated and then it gets boring until Impel Down and Saving Ace where it peaks at awesomeness (SPOILER)
  5. Well...he lost his fullbring powers and then got stabbed by rukias special sword and he started to be able to see her and then he got his full powers back. so theres no true justification as to if he can or not
  6. Thats something we both agree on =) (the end of your post)
  7. I disagree, simply put, i found regular FMA to be boring. I enjoy when the main character is actually strong, which in Brotherhood he was...but in majority of fights in FMA he lost or had to run away. i also dont understand how the ending is typical shounen-style... They ended it with Ed not having his powers....people died, people suffered hardships and not everyone accomplished their goals what ending is like this that is shounen?....and FMAs ending was....welp....Ed's gone and were done see ya later kids (im not counting about the movie, just the series)
  8. i disagree completely, well not completely to the first post, your right some things were rushed and cut out. But pretty much was a faithful adaptation. What FMA didnt have was an actual good ending.....it was totally an unaccomplished ending. You watch FMA and it was majorly character development based but nothing happened. there would be episodes where they just talk with other people. Changing character designs and stuff...Maybe its just me who doesnt like when they 'create' random stuff. I ahted Soul eaters ending cause they changed from the manga, and i wasnt a fan of(i do not hate)FMA but i thoroughly enjoyed FMAB. I think it was honestly better, no character was useless in the entire plot. Though actually it might be because i watched FMA years before i actually watched brotherhood so you actually might be right. I do not however, agree that you cant enjoy Brotherhood without watching FMA, cause it is a pretty awesome series
  9. Baka and test was extremely hilarious, but One Piece makes me laugh alot as well so as a comedy genre Baka and Test
  10. Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaiichi 3 and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2....their gameplay almost perfectly captures that of what it was to be those characters
  11. Light was easily corrupted by the ability to deliver death to those he didnt like...he was brilliant but a bully. No matter what happened, he didnt like someone so he got rid of them, they were in his way so he got rid of them....I cant side with L unless its Moral side, then yes L but he died....so theres no side to be had after that....which kinda made the series off rail towards the end
  12. Truly a great series, i lvoed watching this back to back with Rurouni Kenshin when they played them on Toonami i think, Sadly they stopped airing it past the dark tournament. And i agre it does resemble dragonballz in certain ways though not as simple minded and there is a whole lot of emotions for the characters. I look at DBZ in the fashion of everyone was sad when everyone was sad and eevryone was mad when everyone else was mad...they only exception was probably Vegeta...hes the one true character but at times i found it very hard to differ from emotions in taht show, I loved it, its character design wasnt that great though. Though YYH made it apparent what the characters were and i never saw resemblance in most characters. I loved it, though i hated the ending, it was complete and utter bullshit and rushed crap...was not pleased at all with it 8/10
  13. I would get Gildartz from Fairy Tail, i like his Hair and its not extremely unrealistic, i could maintain pulling my hair back and greasing it lol
  14. Actually the show isn't season based....It literally Ended with 2 seasons Oh yea I can agree Alot of Animes have that freak out....but its usually when like someone is naked or in a Bikini....not....a mini skirt....and Sleeved shirts....Hell they Freaked out more with her than Short shorts and Bikini Snake Lame out....And yes i understand what you mean, But Think Yukio and Both Snake Lady said that They couldn't ever Hope to take Amainmon on and yet Rin was Kicking His ass....And the Blonde Guy is A paladin....And very Shady so i dont trust him as a good guy entirely yet.... I never asked it to follow the Manga Perfectly....Hell NO anime does it Perfectly, Not Even Kai which was the main purpose of it...But to end with a filler Arc is just retarded 1. Yes i know all Animes do that but look at the Degree this was made, they freaked out less when Shura Revealed herself than when They saw Sheimie in a Mini Skirt And A T-shirt....Her knees down were exposed....does that make Everyone in the class go "oooooohhhhhhhhh me so Horny" But when Shura comes with her 2 sizes too small Bikini and and the shortest Jean Shorts That could ever be imagined and their like "Oh! Your A Woman! Oh ok"....And that was just 3 of them! 2. Yes but If Rin is SOOOOOOO much more powerful than they are not Formidable....They are just better than Average and everyone else besides them .....suck.... 3. episode 16 when he fought Amaimon And he Pulled out his Sword and then i believe the Filler Episode 18 or 19 When He was trying save The bald one from some Darkness demon....he pulled out his sword with the same Animation....Theres more i just dont have enough care to list them all 4. Ok Theres That, you got me But still the Anime was Fucked Because they started way too early
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