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  1. Yeah thanks! Baka-Tsuki dose have some novels, but its far from complete list of translated ones. (cause it didn't list S&W) But its still a good place to start.
  2. Hi I'm looking to expand into the world of Light Novels that are based on anime and manga. I have taken the first steps by completing Novel 'Spice & Wolf' + side stories, to the total of 17 books, and now I'm stumped. I liked S&W and rate it highly, so now I'm looking toward SAO, but the only thing that is stopping me is that SAO is still Work In Progress. It's also behind with fan translations and official release of main story arc. I have several questions: - Dose SAO novel has a lot of cliffhangers at the end of the volumes? (will I go insane with anticipation between the volumes?) - What other Novels bases on anime or manga are out there, and worth reading? (preferably fully translated, or have a solid point where you can stop reading until next volume) - I tried to look up some novels but unfortunately MAL dose not poses accurate information about them. I mean about release dates, scanlations, and translation groups and progress of the groups. Is there a website where i can look up that info? (like in Anime -> AniDB, Manga -> Baka-Updates, or Visual Novels -> VNDB)
  3. Hello! I didn't find any real recommendations or reviews about Visual Novels for new people, so I decided to start a new topic about them(VN). I'm really looking for any and all info, guides, websites, and tips that are related to VN, including but not limited to hentai games. (same information with more facts is welcome) So, what I'm trying to do is to gather as much information as possible and become knowledgeable in the subject. (and if asked about VN this topic could be used as a reference) So all who are passionate about such games gather up! Thanks in the advance! p.s. after finishing reading Dracu-riot! I had a sudden urge to play its Visual Novel, however I realized that I know zero to none about the subject or where to get any VN game (did find some info @vndb.org but that wasn't enough)
  4. McLEMUR

    Having trouble remembering

    Thanks! So I just tag it and the moderators later will go thought all topics and correct them in one go? sure p.s. no further questions, can suspend the topic
  5. McLEMUR

    Having trouble remembering

    hmm is that only for moderators or something? Because I'm not seeing it... p.s. I tried selecting the tags by clicking on them but nothing appeared... p.p.s. although I usually use a different theme I switched to the one u have to see if its theme-specific, but no luck
  6. McLEMUR

    Having trouble remembering

    Ohh yeah that is so obvious now that you mentioned Asura Cryin' it was the mix of mecha, ghosts, super powers, technological-magic and demons..... ...wow i didnt even realize it had all that... I remember Asura Cryin' for what it is - mecha and all other aspects eluded me. Thanks! p.s. I'm curies of how do you make an "[Anime]" tag link show up in front of the topic name, cause I added tags before posting and it didnt show, and it didn't happen in the previous topics?
  7. I remember watching this anime but I cant remember its title nor find it in my lists Here some details that I remember: - it was supernatural theme with demons and monsters that were born from the contracts - at some point main character got invited out to a forest or a school camp(maybe) in the forest. - one of girlfriends of the main character was demon while ?other(s)? were human - main character with ?friends? met with student president(who was a demon) in the forest at night to fight a monster and a monster was school presidents 'child' born from the contract (I think that president was on the bike) - I may be confusing something with some other anime but main character had trouble at school camp when a storm destroyed a bridge between student side and a teachers side, he and his friends may have been doing something in the forest day before that (it feels similar to a moment from Persona 4 but in P4 there were no demons in the real world) I remember a fight between the monster and somebody or something like that I also remember the conversation about how monster needed to be killed, but its 'mother' (demon student president) didn't want to kill it, but its 'father' (human who signed the contract) wanted to kill it; like that or the roles may have been reversed. Its been bugging me as hell two days in the row! I can remember that scene and thats all, so frustrating........ Any names would be appreciated! p.s. its my memories, so if I didn't remember it properly do correct me.
  8. Hello! I searing for some titles with bad girls or powerful and almighty protagonists I watched all of Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru almost for the sake of one character and her lines - Masuzu Natsukawa. In particular what made it all worth it, was one sentence she said in last 5 minutes on the last episode! Any "bad" girls even if they are secondary cast with some time would do. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On the other note I'm looking for some powerful and almighty protagonists Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (Yuusha) Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (Ousawa Akatsuki) Chrome Shelled Regios(Layfon Alseif) Demon King Daimao(Sai Akuto) The Legend of the Legendary Heroes (Ryner Lute) Gurren Lagann Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They? Well you get the idea... I enjoy watching people with power separated from the rest (or something like that) and and the rest of antagonists being kicked around a place or something Thanks for the help in advance!
  9. McLEMUR

    Related series and classic titles

    Thanks all of you very much!
  10. Hello! I'm looking for something that I can watch and read after or other way around... (preferably finished) like Ga-rei, Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Shin Angyo Onshi.... I'm also looking for classic titles that are impossible to miss, BIG hits of epic or beyond epic category. (preferably finished) like in anime: TTGL, cGeass, Bakemonogatari... So far I have tried to read finished manga because I dislike unsatisfied feeling that left when you're stopped halfway through, so didn't read much. I did read some, and they were good and some were great but so far there were none that felt like "THIS IS IT!!!" Thanks in advance! ps any response would be nice! i dont want repeat of my last topic... pps i'm not sure if thats a right place to ask, but... can somebody name some good visual novel titles (i have never tried them so im a bit queries)
  11. McLEMUR

    Style Recommendation

    what a shame. and those two were so good!
  12. Hello! I'm a fan of "Bakemonogatari"(series) and until recently didn't find anything with remotely similar style nor story, well not until watching "Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko". Story aside (which scores somewhere mid-rage) art and to be more precise art style of focusing on faces, expressions and "untold" words and thoughts and looks(eye contact) really picks my interest! And as such here is the question are there any other anime that has similar style and art to "Bakemonogatari"(series) and "Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko" ??? Also are there any similar story plots to any of those two titles? Thanks in advance! p.s. Any title would be appreciated and if needed my MAL list is here<<
  13. Thanks for that info! (sorry it took so ling to get back to you) Variante is indeed awesome manga! finished fast and enjoyed a lot, now im on Psyren and it looks promising! Baka-updates is exactly what i was looking for! already added 64+ title on my to read list all whats left is to read them And no worries i would not turn away from manga at this point. Im already hooked
  14. McLEMUR

    2012. A good or bad year for anime?

    Well personally I agree with you DrumRoll cause this year I ran our of fresh and interesting anime to watch, only things that keep me afloat are new series that are coming out now so it was somewhat dull. And thats why I switched to manga that is unrelated to anime p.s. Good luck with challenging hot topics!!
  15. Hello! I only recently decided to venture out into manga would so i decided to ask for some advice... What websites to you use to search for new manga with tags (not MAL) (like AniDB for anime) Also I read few stories like Sundome, Mx0 and some others. So I realized that i dislike Coming of Age, High School/Club/School Life and a lot of drama stories. While everything else is okay and hence a second question What would you recommend to read for a beginner? and something that is completely finished and scanned (I prefer to read finished stories but if you would tell me when to stop it would be okay) Or something popular in manga world like Code Geass or Death Note in anime? Please to criticize because i realized that going thought MAL database without any idea of what to look for is pointless. and so Thanks in Advance! P.S. If its wrong place to post this question please move the topic