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  1. https://s.zoomerang.com/s/dragonballzsurveytwitter 4:3!
  2. Elite49

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Currently playing: C&C3: Kanes Wrath PGR4 Alan Wake RE6 RE:R Tomb Raider Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Deadly Premonition MGS:HD ...Kinda a backlog.
  3. Elite49

    Wii U Price and Release Day

    May pick it up in a year or two depending on the games.
  4. Elite49

    Live Action Movies, Good Idea or Bad?

    I enjoyed the G.I Joe movie for what it was worth but compared to other series, thats one of the easiest ones to adapt.
  5. Elite49


    Its not found footage but it is shot in the same way which ruined it for me. Not to mention the "twist" if you can call it that was shown in trailers and the action encompassed roughly 10 minutes.
  6. I did die a little inside, I personally think the bluray version looks years ahead of the Dragon Boxes.
  7. Elite49

    Mass Effect 3 - The Choices come to Haunt

    Can't wait for ME3, 2 being my favorite game on 360.
  8. Red Guard due to their resistance to certain things.
  9. Elite49

    The Saddest Ending of a Game

    I Agree with MGS4 is one, I though Halo Reach's was kinda a bummer in the happiness department.
  10. Elite49

    What game(s) have you beaten multiple times?

    Oh geez I'll forget some but... A Link to The Past Every Resident Evil Every Halo Mass Effect 2 Condemned Banjo-Kazooie Goldeneye MGS 1, 2, 4 KOTOR Super Mario World Mario Bros 3
  11. Elite49

    Dragon Age vs Elder Scrolls vs Fable

    Love FABLE 1, still one of my favorite RPG's to this day but Elder Scrolls would be my favorite for current gen. Story wise, anything Bioware makes it lightyears better then Bethesda's storys.
  12. Elite49

    Who still has a ps2 or Nintendo 64

    Still have them both, and hook them up from time to time.
  13. Elite49

    Whats your ringtone and text tone

    Ringtone: Changes - Tupac sms tone: Gundam Alert
  14. Not really a single show but a single word... Toonami. Even though DBZ is still my favorite and probably always will be, I blam it on all the shows... shown on CN be it [as] or toonami. Yep, pretty much when that hit the scene in the middle/late 90's is when I got hooked to anime. Before that though and pretty much my entire childhood I was in love with anything to do with Godzilla. I did see oldschool anime that they showed on random channels back then but nothing made me not wait until the next day after school more than DBZ.
  15. XBL: VASH THE SAlYAN (That's a L <- ) PS3: dbzSSJ4goku