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  1. Angel Beats Ending (Ep 13), Naruto Shippuden (Asuma's Death), Clannad~After Story (Ep 18).. and some of fairy tail episodes xD
  2. Dexter's Lab, Popeye, cow and chicken, courage the cowardly dog, tom & jerry, scooby doo and the flinstones..
  3. currently reading Naruto and fairy tail manga
  4. Comedy, Romance, Action, Slice of Life and Ecchi :3... I always end up watching animes with ecchi not knowing their genres xD
  5. anime - high school of the dead and Ao No Exorcist they haven't even killed satan yet which is the main goal of the main character
  6. 5-10 Episodes a day but it also depends on the type of anime for example Code Geass and Code Geass R2.. it took me 2 days to finish both meaning 25 Episodes per day xD
  7. I have a 4gb iPod Nano but most of the time I use my PSP GO with 20GB (16 GB internal+4GB Micro M2 stick) most of the time xD
  8. hinata is my choice but since she is not included.. i will go for anko xD
  9. silentkiddo

    Favorite Anime

    My Favorite anime is Code Geass xD
  10. A PSP GO xD mostly used for MP3 and anime videos...
  11. Clannad~After Story~ the only anime that made me cry
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