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  1. This is just a message to thank you for all of your hard work. Even when times were difficult, you managed to keep active, if not through materials then through conversation.


    Thank you!

  2. Well, I suppose it depends on the type of cartoon you're watching. Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, and many of the DC Animated Universe are all considered "cartoons" and yet they are all still incredibly enjoyable for both kids and adults in the same way that anime is. These type of shows also have fairly complex characters and plots that make it interesting to watch and discuss as well, especially when they are quite simply "cartoons." That being said, quite a few of these shows draw influence from older anime in both presentation and plot development, similar to how anime first drew influence from early cartoons like Betty Boop. It is a give and take relationship that has caused many fans to be divided on what makes them different from each other. In the end, it's all just animation and perhaps it is simply just the style the show is drawn and the plot direction that really makes the difference between cartoons and anime. I personally believe that the difference between anime and cartoons is simply the way that the characters are portrayed, in archetypical ways that will make the audience both recognize and experience for the first time, with a few deconstructions and subversions here and there. It can be argued that there can be more nudity and profanity in anime, but since the emergence of "adult cartoons" (Family Guy, King of the Hill, The Simpsons, half the animated movies of the DCAU, .etc) that point is moot unless you mean in childrens' cartoons. There is also a camp that suggests that to be an anime it needs to be made in Japan, but I don't hold much faith in that.
  3. As stated before multiple times, flashbacks are used to provide character development, revisit important plot points, provide motives, yada, yada, yada. It exists everywhere, and my belief on more than a few flashbacks is that they happen much quicker in the character's mind then the 30 to 50 minute long explanations that the audience is given. If someone is explaining those flashbacks, what takes 12 minutes of memories, if really 30 to 45 seconds of explanation to the other character(s). Sometimes it's needed, other times it's simply padding that could be considered contradictory and hamhanded. It annoys viewers and it causes great amounts of gratitude for fans who adore backstory, but can't get the supplementary materials.
  4. They're both the same game, just better lighting and graphics. Personally, while I like the updated graphics in the 3DS version, the lighting seemed to detract from the atmosphere, especially during some of the creepier moments of the game.
  5. I'm going to have to go with Birth By Sleep, though from what I've seen from 3D I can tell that that will either knock down BBS from my top favorite or become my second favorite. I can't wait for it to come to the states!
  6. I got interested after playing Kingdom Hearts when I was younger. I heard that Kingdom Hearts was a crossover between Disney and Final Fantasy. I think I asked my mom if there were any of the games at her work (she worked at a rental store) and she brought home XII. That was not the moment I got hooked, because I didn't know about walkthroughs and I ended up getting eaten by a big green dinosaur (you know which one).Then I watched Final Fantasy Advent Children (the original, confusing version) and I got back into it a bit. I think I gave up on it for a while, but I was still interested enough in the series that I picked up Final Fantasy XIII a few months after it came out. That WAS the moment I got hooked. The visuals and music were so breathtaking that I started to work my way backwards. My favorite so far is Crisis Core, and I believe that the prequels to the games are MUCH better then the direct sequels with the exception of XIII-2. It was a long journey, but I am finally a Final Fantasy fan.
  7. I really doubt that it would happen at this point in time, but maybe somewhere in the future it could happen. My question is what kind of production and form it would take. Would it be feature films, a 26 episode series, a series of OVAs? These kind of things are important to predict the quality of the work as well as the amount left in. I can even see this like a long-running shonen series that follows each book faithfully in it's own amount of episodes.
  8. What I tend to do is read a short description, look at the art style, see who the director and the animation company(ies) are, see if there is a review of it by JesuOtaku (since we tend to have the same preferences) and after all of that, watch it on Youtube or another anime site before buying.
  9. Another reason it's difficult to find anime is due to the economic troubles that the country has been going through in the last few years. In the United States, money is a major issue and when the choices are between food, paying rent/mortgages, debts, and bills or buying anime (which is usually very pricey unless it's a used copy), priorities must come first and entertainment last. Part of the reason downloading is so popular now is because many of the old anime titles are out-of-print perhaps due to many of the distributing companies going bankrupt partly due to downloading in the first place but also for poor planning and management, and with little to no chance of obtaining a renewed license and they're often for free. Funimation has been relicensing many of the old anime, however that's just a single company and it could easily turn into a monopoly if enough distributing and dubbing companies follow the pattern of bankruptcy and thus it would have to close down itself due to the law. As for the reason why anime isn't shown as much as live-action even on CN, it's tied to animation in general. Even after years of mature titles, both mature in content and mature in concepts, most people still think of animation as simply for children. Something to laugh at for its sheer "stupidity" and to use to their advantage to keep their kids quiet while they relax themselves. To be honest, animation is the perfect way to plant political and social ideas into children’s minds even subconsciously. It's the perfect marketing tool and is often much more smart then people give credit. In fact, many contain subtle references to psychological, literary, and philosophical ideas that most adults may not understand right away until they remember their high school and college years and the books (you know, those heavy objects with many pages and confusing words written in them that have caused many panic attacks throughout the years) that they had to read. Sadly, these can be so subtle that people will never get these ideas until they sit down and think about the show they just watched, but they never will. Why? Because when most Americans watch TV, they tend to turn their brain off. It's the same with anime. In fact, it's worse with anime because if your son or daughter enjoys watching the sub version because it either was not released with a dubbed version or they prefer it that way, the first thing out of many parents mouths will be along the lines of, "Why are you watching this crap? You can't understand a word they're saying."
  10. It really depends on if like the song and animation enough. I always watch the OP and ED for the first five episodes and by then I tend to get sick of it and I end up skipping it over when I watch the rest. However in cases such as Baccano! and Durarara!!, where they show scenes that give some backstory or expanation to the episode, I sat through each one. So it really does depend on not only the song, but also if it reveals any hints on what's going on.
  11. I'm currently playing Final Fantasy XII, X2, and Duodecim when I have time. I'm also thinking about finishing an old file of Kingdom Hearts.
  12. ... I like some of Katy Perry and Taio Cruz songs...
  13. I suppose mine would be Saix. Unlike the others of the group, he doesn't pretend to have emotions. He knows he's an emotionless beast and doesn't try to prove that he can feel. Yet he is also the one that pines for a heart the most, making him a fairly sympathetic character, even to Sora who tends to view things in black and white.... in Kingdom Hearts 2 at least. He's manipulative, cold, a powerful fighter, a jerk, and sympathetic. The sympathetic tendencies that this character gives off, only increased upon the release of Birth By Sleep and the viewing of his Somebody. He was a sweet kid who may have been slightly stoic and stern, but all in all had a good head on his shoulders and a sense of right and wrong in his heart, as well as a strong desire to protect his friendship. Losing his heart turned him completely into the character we met in KH2 and 358/2. And we still don't know how he got his scar. However, I'm the type that enjoys analyzing characters, so while I enjoy analyzing Saix the most, I find myself drawn to the entire Organization (Yes, including Vexen... Come to think of it especially Vexen). So I don't think I have a real favorite.
  14. Kinda figured that Grimmjow was alive. How he's alive we will hopefully learn soon. Although seeing how the current arc is turning out.... well, hopefully we'll see him again sometime in the next five years. Same with Nel. I'm still mad that he just left her there and never once mentioned what happened to her. ---------- Post added at 09:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:50 PM ---------- Also, it figures that Szayel's hole would be there. Same with Harribel's. Now all we need to know is where their tatoos are.
  15. (This may have been posted twice, but I'm not sure) Mushi-shi has a good dub. It's very calm and soothing to watch, and the visuals are gorgeous especially when it comes to the landscapes and plants. It's only 26 episodes, all of which past the first episode stand on their own and can be watched out of order, with the only constant things being the main protagonist (Ginko) and the concept of what a mushi is (essentially the closest things to the origin of life). It's a rather interesting show. If you prefer horror, I would also recommend Ayakashi- Samurai Horror Tales. It's only 11 episodes long, however it contains three completely separate stories, the first two of which are 4 episodes long while the last is 3. In my personal opinion, the first two are not quite forgettable, though not exactly memorable either. The first story can be summarized as the Japanese version of Romeo and Juliet... with Gods and spirits fighting (It's actually an adaptation of a play called "Goddess of the Dark Tower," but it still has similar themes). The second story can be summarized as a Japanese Macbeth (Another adaptation for a classic ghost story known as Yotsuya Ghost Story). The story which truly shines and the main reason why I would even recommend this series is the last one and the only original idea of the anime. It has a completely different art style and feel to it then the other two stories, or even to anime in general. It's about a Medicine Seller who comes to a grand estate where the lady in the house is to be married. However while he is there the lady dies and he is the main suspect... I won't give away anymore as it has many plot twists that can be given away very easily. This story got so popular that they made a spin-off series called Mononoke chronically the events that happen to the Medicine Seller. However after the company that dubbed Ayakashi went under, the rights to Mononoke were thrown in the air and so it has not been dubbed. A third series I recommend is Soul Eater which can simply be described as "Like a shorter version of Bleach... on crack." I know more, but those are the first three that popped into my head that had not already been added to the list.
  16. I think the newest anime I bought was the TV Version Boxset of the First season of Inuyasha from Amazon... Wait no, it the Hellsing Ultimate III. Yeah, that seems right.
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