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  1. well it see like wupload is not a good choice as all the files are being removed now that they have some activity again..
  2. Final Fantasy XII (PS2) just can't seem to give it up...
  3. played every game for snes came across it and fell in love and have played every one since and even before...
  4. counter strike is by far the best computer game i have played...
  5. resident evil back in the day was the only one that ever made me jump...
  6. link to the past is and always will be the best...
  7. as many as i can but if i work at least an hour or two if i don't most of the day... lol
  8. i have to say C.O.D is still better although they are not putting as much effort into it these days...
  9. hands down C.O.D
  10. played and owned all of them great game, wish they would make more...
  11. has to be Auron.. ff rules
  12. i would have to say hands down Bahumut
  13. those are all really cool looking...
  14. played that all the way through never found that one......
  15. ninja scroll the movie... best anime ever