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  1. Lightning


    Welcome. Have fun & be active.
  2. Lightning

    Back Again

    Hey. Ahh that's gay, if the design area needs a leader i'll be up for it =P! Good to be back!
  3. Lightning


    Any one seen the trailer for L4D2? It looks bloody awesome! Especially the chain-saw, axe and baseball bat! Not so sure about the frying pan lol.
  4. Lightning

    Back Again

    Yo i'm back again! Any of the old guys still here? Also does SoTW still exist? I wanna show off some crappy photoshops again!
  5. Lightning


    Ok thanks always nice to have help I used to do most of my sigs and stuff like that one of my best has to be this Will take into mind what you've said
  6. Lightning


    This is a banner i made for forum i making please tell me what you think
  7. Lightning

    I'm Back

    what sasuke how could you Me Luneth? i thought you knew me back then
  8. Lightning

    I'm Back

    I'm sure we met New001 you knew Luneth right? If so then your sure to know me xD
  9. Lightning

    I'm Back

    yeah well i only left as my computer broke but nows it's fixed
  10. Lightning

    Image Request

    well haven't used photoshop for a while but will give it a shot! Here is the link http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/Fenix_Aurion/SasukeXNarutoBanner.jpg
  11. Lightning

    I'm Back

    I'm back WOOT now i have to get my photoshop skills back
  12. Lightning

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for being you
  13. Lightning

    Ban the person above you

    banned for thinking i'm American!
  14. Lightning

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for not using a mac to post that
  15. Lightning

    Post Your Desktop

    i have to say i didn't like vista that much and i can now say that a mac is so much better than vista! Using one now XD will post my xp desktop later