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  1. These Ultimate Ninja Storm games are just really boring story mode isnt to fun only the boss battles which still aren't that great, online is just horrendous just B spamming. I personally like the Rise of a Ninja and Broken bond series way better than these games. Generations just seems like another cash grab it might as well be a DLC to Ninja storm 2. At least broken bond had the world of konoha to explore.
  2. Ive only seen season 1, so guys how is season 2 living up to the first?
  3. First Class was such a great movie that i went back twice to see it at the Movies do9VLONS86Y
  4. 7ajukUlRKdA Is anyone else excited to see this finally get released on console cause i sure am. Ive been really interested ever since i saw game footage way before it hit PC. I never got the chance to play it because of its high end pc requirements so im glad its getting an Xbox Release. Anyway whats your thoughts Forum. Also you can find tons of game-play footage on youtube of the PC version.
  5. Cool song i like the tone it was going for w-_KZZP13pM
  6. Couldn't get into that song thought it would be more electronic/trance WA9wQKqeiqA
  7. I honestly loved this movie it was everything i wanted it to be. I didn't have any real expectations but i had a feel for what it might be. The camera style of found footage is being slightly over used but i think chronicle did it in such a way that it made the movie feel more realistic for me. I liked how it went with the approach of being a super hero movie without really addressing it kind of like the realistic version of what would happen if you got powers. Also Andrews progression with his camera was awesome in my opinion. Only gripe with the movie is andrew was more of a prick to his friends toward the end.
  8. pretty cool reminds me of some christian rock my choice
  9. Great song i like rock but i can never find stuff i like in that genre i love stuff similar to that. progressive song
  10. didn't catch my interest but nice to hear some stuff different for a change love this thread
  11. lol i honestly like that i find it very funny i also love skyrim so that might be a contributing factor. Here is my previous song but now with lyrics the last one i posted was the instrumental http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zt6MvNz5nCc
  12. Wow that song is great i instantly went searching for more of this artist but i cant find much info very obscure i like stuff similar to that, she has a very good voice. Heres my choice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ieXdQglfiU
  13. Ripcat


    Don't wanna go to school Cause the teacher's too simple I just wanna know where I come from The truth, tell me, before I desolve It's connected to the woods The wilderness is my home The world say I'm bad because of my color But they don't get the fact that I say that I love you People given the option to hustle Just take it and, I swear to God if you're willing to struggle And once you pass the bottom you gonna make it to the top It's a lot of hate up in the world, just make sure that you watch - Lil B
  14. Ripcat


    Has anyone heard of musicbee? i recently stumbled across this program through some forum it reminds me a lot of foobar2000 accept already customized. It has a really cool last.fm scrobbling feature which is extremely helpful for me. Im not entirely sure if this is the right section for this but i wanted to share this in hope that some one will appreciate it as much as i do. Google is your Friend
  15. I never really liked this series but i saw Awakening in 3d was freaking amazing to be honest this is the only way to see the movie action everywhere and i cant believe i never noticed how hot Kate Beckinsale was until this movie. I wouldn't recommend this if your going for plot because it seemed kind of non existent in the movie, or at least not interesting enough.
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