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  1. Hitomi

    Naruto Shippuden movie: Road to Ninja

    Well it seems that each Naruto Shippuden movie that is released seems a bit better than the previous one, so hopefully "Road to Ninja" won't throw that back. I think Naruto's parents are the main reason I'm eager for this. The whole personality switching thing...yeah.... we'll see how that goes.
  2. Oh good grief. I won't believe it until I see it on the shelves when it comes to The Final Act.
  3. Hitomi

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist). It was a lot better than I was expecting! I'd give it an 8/10. While it does have an anime only ending, (and it's only in the sub f.y.i.) I found it way more satisfying than Soul Eater's lame-exscuse for a wrap up. It is a shorter series (25 episodes + tv specials and an OVA) but also a good length. So for those who feel like ripping their hair out when they look at Dragon Ball or One Piece's length, try this one. Likeable characters, great voices, action and adventure, comedy, a different kind of plot, and good animation. The only criticism I can come up with would be the lack of intensity shown later on when compared to the beginning. Don't get me wrong, it's a great series throughout. But after watching the first two episodes you're thinking, 'WOW! This will be an intense show.' And while it has its serious moments later on, it becomes much more comedic and light-hearted than expected. Not that it's a bad thing...
  4. Stronger would be Zoro. Easily. But I don't think one is better than the other. Personal preference I guess since they're both likeable characters.
  5. Hitomi

    Favorite Bleach Song?

    It's used a lot throughout Bleach. You'd recognize it as soon as it starts playing. If I remember correctly it's the first theme used in episode 1 with Rukia standing above Karakura Town.
  6. Hitomi

    Favorite Bleach Song?

    I still find Bleach to have one of the best OST. The songs/themes that were first introduced in the beginning through the SS Arc will always remain classic Bleach songs. OST: On the Precipice of Defeat Intro: D-Techno Life - UVERworld Ending: Life Is Like A Boat - Rie Fu
  7. Hitomi

    Bleach Anime Nears its End. (True Story, Bro)

    The final arc hasn't been released yet. Kubo's working on it now.
  8. Hitomi

    Future Anime Classic

    Standard Shonen tastes don't necessarily make classics. They're popular, but a true classic can go beyond popularity. I would consider the original Naruto and One Piece both classic material though. Those titles you listed are actually pretty well known. Especially with them all having been dubbed and Durarara!! airing on TV. But I don't think I could see them being classics. I agree with you about the Fullmetal series. You'll always find someone who was not impressed with either, but personally I have seen few series that have left such a lasting impression than both Brotherhood and FMA did.
  9. Hitomi

    Fairy Tail

    Happy has always been one of my favorite Fairy Tail characters. It’s true that he’s one of the weakest, but you can’t have every single character possessing crazy strength and endurance. He is a cat after all. And unlike Lily, can’t manifest. Regarding the dubbed version I can’t say that I have been overly impressed. It’s a valid point in saying that you can’t compare the dub to the sub without having a personal bias, but there’s nothing wrong with saying which you prefer. You probably should watch each version as though you’re enjoying it for the first time, but for those who have seen an adequate amount in both sub and dub it’s hard not to have an opinion over which one is preferred. As for the English voice actors, I honestly don’t have a huge problem with Natsu. I did at first, but after a while it grew on me. Todd is a good choice, although he needs more vigor in his lines. I can’t say that I was surprised when I heard he had been chosen to voice the dragon-slayer, but like Koby mentioned, he lacks the energy and playful personality that the Japanese voice actor brings. Happy’s voice is god-awful! While the Japanese voice is seemingly perfect for Happy, there is NOTHING that could make Happy’s English voice actor work. For those who have seen both versions and think Happy’s English voice is fine for the character—then as said above—you seriously need higher standards. A definite recasting is needed. Erza and Lucy are fine. And Gray…mixed feelings there. Needs more “feeling” in his words. But I wouldn’t say the English dub for Fairy Tail is “horrible”.
  10. Hitomi

    Bleach Anime Nears its End. (True Story, Bro)

    [Assuming this is 100% accurate] With 360+ episodes already completed--they chose to end it now? There's only one arc left! Just finish the damn thing. I admit the anime isn't nearly as good as good as it used to be or how much it's hyped up to be, but to just cut off animating such a huge series like that...?! Whether Bleach is loved or hated, the fullbring arc is NOT the right place to end Bleach.
  11. Hitomi

    One Piece vs. Fairy Tail

    One Piece. As someone mentioned above, if you have say Usopp or Nami up against someone like Gildarts or Natsu even then the win would go to Fairy Tail. But main cast on main cast would be victorious for the Straw Hats. Monkey D. Luffy vs. Natsu Dragneel: MONKEY D. LUFFY; that’s a really good pairing. It’d definitely be an interesting battle that could drag on for quite some time seeing as both characters are driven with that determination to never give up. Yet in the end, I still can’t see Luffy losing against Natsu. Roanoa Zoro vs. Erza Scarlet: ZORO; if Erza went up against anyone but Luffy or Zoro I’d possibly give her the win. But against Zoro she’s rivaled. Sanji vs. Gray Fullbuster: SANJI; I say Sanji…but honestly I could see this fight going either way. Usopp vs. Max Alors? Maybe?: Against Max Alors? USOPP. I don’t think Alors has hardly any battle experience which would make Usopp advantageous in a fight based off that fact alone. Plus, Alors always seemed weak… Franky vs. Gajeel Redfox: Probably FRANKY. Gajeel was more of a threat when he first came in. He doesn’t seem to have gotten any stronger since, though, and if anything seems weaker. Nico Robin vs. Ultear Milkovich: That’s a weird one. I don’t know a lot about Ultear’s fighting capability so I wouldn’t know... Who's sexier: Nami vs. Lucy Heartfilia: NAMI; simply looking beyond appearance since they’re both sexy female characters, Nami actually has a little more going for her than just looks. In terms of fighting ability, I’d still give it to Nami. It’s true Lucy can summon different celestial spirits, but the only spirit that might be a problem for Nami is Loke. Who's more adorable: Tony Tony Chopper vs. Happy: CHOPPER. The subbed voice for Happy is beyond adorable, but Chopper still takes the win. In terms of fighting capability: Chopper. I don’t think Happy has even fought in a battle? Who's more annoying?: Vivi vs. Mirajane: VIVI; I don’t know how many times she’s made me want to pull my hair out due to sheer frustration at the lack of action she actually takes.
  12. Hitomi

    What anime do you want in English dub

    Why is that? I was kinda hoping for a dub of Ao no Exorcist as well.
  13. Hitomi

    Future Anime Classic

    Are you labeling "classic" in terms of popularity or are you labeling it as how well received it is? Such as going down in history as one of the most loved and adored series of all time. For example you mentioned Bleach. Bleach is extremely popular and considered one of the "Big Three" and yet there are A LOT of anime fans that dislike it. I guess I would label One Piece as a classic. Most that give it a chance (and I mean REALLY watch it) like or even love the series. It's a series that those who call themselves "anime fans" have at least heard of. And it seems to leave a lasting impressions on most...transcending above most other series. Death Note has a chance. Probably not Kekkaishi, though. While it's decent it would take a lot more for the series to be considered a classic.
  14. Hitomi

    Best Animes with Less Episodes

    Death Note Eden of the East Spice and wolf Code Geass Durarara!! Elfen Lied Darker than black High School of the Dead; hated it at first and grew to like it later on (12 episodes long). But it's not every one's style... Eden of the East and Death Note were probably my favorite ones listed.
  15. Hitomi

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    "Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne." I disliked it from start to finish. It's one thing for a series to start out great and steadily get worse, but for me this series started out horrible and stayed horrible. There was WAY too much random violence and nudity and hardly any plot. It's fine to have violence and nudity but it has to flow with the story. Don't just throw it in at random moments just to have it. Also, the series jumped around too much (the time jumps could have been done way better) and the ending didn't redeem it's previous episodes. Not something I'd ever willingly re-watch.