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  1. Well she wasn't the main character. The forces of evil are allowed to kill off side characters all they want but they always have to lose to the hero in the end. Just look at Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
  2. Wasn't really trying to argue it, just providing a possible explanation and additional ideas for discussion is all. And when people tell me that God basically went, poof everything exists, I tell them, "Fossil."
  3. Well there's a reason you never see Sephiroth win. He's a "bad guy" and there's this whole unrealistic "good always wins" thing in media. Realistically would Sephiroth of kicked Clouds ass? Hell yeah he would have but that wouldn't provide for an emotionally satisfying ending.
  4. Who's to say they aren't still here and don't keep an eye on us? Possibly somewhere in the depths of the Ocean...
  5. You really have to wonder why they're so determined to make live action movies based on video games. Occasionally they aren't bad but for the most part they tend to not do so well. Why not just make an animated film? It would make more sense and would probably result in a better movie. Example: Tekken (anime) - awesome Tekken (live action movie) - terrible
  6. I prefer the old Digimon games, always loved Digimon World 1 and 2. I only have vauge memories of 3 though. Something about the game was just awesome and fun. Things actually changed over time too, the games aren't all the same thing over and over and I like that. I actually went out of my way to hunt down a copy of the first Digimon World a couple years back cause I misplaced my old copy. Eventually just ended up buying it on eBay, definitely was worth the money though, LOVE that game. Pokemon was good but it grew stale over time. Sure I have Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Leaf Green but really it's all the same stuff over and over. I stopped caring once they got to the 4th generation of Pokemon. The new Pokemon are hideous and lame as far as I'm concerned. And it's not like the gameplay of the games has changed over the years. Just more unnecessary different Pokemon to catch. I'll stick with the classic games, they were much more interesting for me. As far as Monster Rancher goes I only ever had the third one. It was fun, I remember me and my friend spending countless hours playing it all those years ago. I actually enjoyed going through all my other games, movies, and music (which totals out to well over a few hundred discs) to try and find new interesting monsters. Still fun to go back and play it now and then though I haven't touched the game in a few years now.
  7. If I were to throw my two cents in I'd say that while improbable, it isn't totally impossible that aliens directly affected evolution on this planet and helped us come to be as an intelligent species. But I have no personal belief either way. I don't think it is likely but I don't see that as a reason to disbelieve it. So I'm on the fence with that concept. I do however believe that there definitely is other intelligent life in the universe. With how unimaginably huge the universe is, even if there was only a 0.0000001% chance of intelligent life forming, because of the size of the universe it is statistically unlikely that there isn't other intelligent life out there. I also believe that it is possible that advanced life could of been here before. I believe that is it possible that our ancestors described what they actually saw to the best of their ability and that ancient "gods" were actually just aliens. I mean if ancient man were to see a jet or something I'm sure they wouldn't describe it as a jet but more as some sort of large metallic monster. Same if ancient man were to see a space shuttle land and people come out they'd probably think they were god, "beings from the sky" so to speak.
  8. The easiest part of any game I've ever played was... All of Final Fantasy XIII. Pretty much literally played that game while asleep at one point, eyes closed, relaxed, holding down the thumbstick to move toward the next enemy then hitting auto-attack every time I heard Lightning's attack combo finish. Honestly I barely consider it a game, more of an interactive movie. Sure some older games that I love are really easy (like Brave Fencer Musashi) but at least I had to do something in those.
  9. I suggest this website here. I use it sometimes when trying to name the characters I draw
  10. Yeah the next update is taking awhile but it should be full of awesome new stuff! I think it's supposed to come out sometime this month actually... I find playing the adventure maps and stuff other people make really adds more spice to the game. It's interesting to see what stories and stuff other people come up with. In fact after a few playthroughs of different adventure maps I was inspired to start my own which is coming along nicely.
  11. So there IS(/was) a thread on Terraria! Yay search feature! Was totally about to start one but then I was like "wait does one exist?" So I searched it up and sure enough. Looks like it hasn't been posted in for awhile though... So anyone go on the Terraria forums and download people's custom adventure or parkour maps or anything?
  12. Zanshlou

    Erm... hi

    Thanks for the welcome! Yeah I seem to be good at that random conversation thing... Once I start talking the hard part is getting me to shut up haha!
  13. Zanshlou

    Erm... hi

    The five post honestly weren't hard... now finding how to give myself reason to keep posting is hard... I'm just not social enough for forums.
  14. Of these I'd have to pick Lelouch.0Tthough there are some other great characters on here he's my favorite out of these. Clearly this poll needs more options though.
  15. Final Fantasy Tactics and Brave Fencer Musashi are two constants that I pick up from time to time. Also the occasional Final Fantasy VII or VIII. I sometimes try to go back and play some of the other old RPGs I never played originally like FF1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Chrono Trigger. Then of course there's my old Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 games that I like to play from time to time.
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